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Learning support opportunities

The philosophy underpinning the Learning Support Programme in the Senior School is one of providing a diverse set of opportunities and contexts for school learning to be supported. Learning Support teachers in the Senior School do not withdraw students from class; rather they work alongside classroom teachers if there is a high level of student need.
Students with diagnosed learning difficulties have access to alternate arrangements for assessment, in line with Queensland Studies Authority (QSA) policy. 

There is a strong emphasis in the Senior School in providing opportunities for learning to be supported at different times of the day. This is in recognition of the fact that Churchie students typically have a range of co-curricular and service commitments before, during and after school. Opportunities include:
  • Homework help - provided in the library in the mornings, at lunchtimes and after school on selected days by Learning Support teachers.
  • House peer tutoring - a range of capable older students offer peer tutoring throughout each term within the House precinct.
  • Mathematics tutorials - the Maths Faculty staff are available each morning of the week for individual and small-group tuition in the three weeks prior to every examination period.
  • Physics and Chemistry tutorials – Senior science teachers make themselves available on a regular basis to help with classwork and preparation for exams.
  • Language tutorials – Senior language teachers offer additional assistance one afternoon a week.

The academic results of each student are tracked at each reporting period and are available in real time throughout each term to hlep ensure that each student's academic pathway is suitable. A personalised approach is applied in each situation, typically involving the housemaster, parent and student.