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Churchie inquires!

Students today enjoy ready access to unprecedented amounts of information.  The internet has facilitated an explosion in information and mobile technologies enable access to it 24/7.  Whilst easy and unfettered access to information is highly desirable, it nonetheless poses great challenges to the modern student tasked with navigating this vast landscape. Indeed, it has been noted that 'getting information off the internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant' (Mitchell Kapor). 

Information fluency, then, is a key skill for twenty-first century learners. The core business of Churchie's libraries is to enable students to critically navigate and evaluate information and use it meaningfully.

The Churchie libraries serve as both a service and a resource to students as they interact with information throughout their learning. They connect students with a variety of quality, task-specific resources via subscription databases, a growing collection of e-books and a print collection that is tailored specifically to Churchie’s curriculum. Students are also linked to the resources of state and tertiary libraries. The libraries’ programme, delivered by our teacher librarians, scaffolds students throughout the inquiry process.  

Churchie students can log in to the School's intranet myChurchie to access research databases.