This day house, established in 1971, was named after Sir Alan James Mansfield,a former Chief Justice and Governor of Queensland and a student at the School in its very early days. The House crest borrows heavily from the Mansfield family Coat of Arms. The House motto is ‘Steadfast’ and the House colours are white and blue. 





Vice Captain(s)


1971 D.E. Given. K. Bulwinkel, A.J.F. Edwards Mr.J.N. Lindsay.
1972 J.G. Townson. Not Recorded Mr.J.N. Lindsay.
1973 G.A. Neilsen. Not Recorded Mr.J.N. Lindsay.
1974 D.R. Townson. Not Recorded Mr.J.N. Lindsay.
1975 M.C. Patterson. S.B. Dennis Mr.J.N. Lindsay.
1976 R.J. Dennis. Not Recorded Mr.J.N. Lindsay.
1977 M.U. Felton. Not Recorded Mr.J.N. Lindsay.
1978 I.R. Perkins. Not Recorded Mr.J.N. Lindsay.
1979 P.W.J. Godber. Not Recorded Mr.J.N. Lindsay.
1980 R.S. Archibald. Not Recorded Mr.J.N. Lindsay.
1981 D.F.W. Barrett. J.S. Wilson Mr.J.N. Lindsay.
1982 R.L. James. M.P. Gollschewski Mr.J.N. Lindsay.
1983 G.D. McPherson. J.F. Skerl Mr.J.N. Lindsay.
1984 M.R. Magnusson. J.F. Shannon. No appointment Mr.J.N. Lindsay.
1985 K.N. Van As. M.J. Skerl, P.J. Tierney Mr.J.N. Lindsay.
1986 N.R. Magnusson. N.J.Holmes, J.L.Turner Mr.M.V. Over.
1987 R.A. Hughes. A.I. Munro, B.D.H. Job Mr.M.V. Over.
1988 G.W. McFarlane. B.R. Johnson Mr.M.V. Over.
1989 P.G.J. Dredge. K.G. Giles Mr.R.O. Ashby.
1990 N.W. Johnson C.A.McBaron. C.C. Robinson. Mr.R.O. Ashby.
1991 R.R.C. Fleming Stephen Hughes Robert Symmons Mr.R.O. Ashby.
1992 B.C. Airey C. Devenish-Meares. M Frazer-Ryan. Mr.F. Danielson
1993 J.D. Griffiths Cameron Robinson. Peter Norton Mr.L.P. Brown
1994 A.M. Norton Greg Brown, Morgan Jones Mr.L.P. Brown
1995 C.R. Smallhorn Joe Devries. Ben Connell. David Carswell. Mr.L.P. Brown
1996 E.G. Kalligeros Not Recorded Mr.L.P. Brown
1997 M.P. Wickson Not Recorded Mr.L.P. Brown
1998 S.G. Langford-Ely Not Recorded Mr.L.P. Brown
1999 J.G. Petrie Bill Bjurstrom, Ewen Burg Mr.L.P. Brown
2000 R.J. te Kloot Matthew Howard, Steven Drake Mrs.J. Braiden
2001 S. Krishnamoorthy Tim McGuire, Thos Green Mrs.J. Braiden
2002 C.A. Villalobos Andrew Harrold. Luke Fraser. Mrs.J. Braiden
2003 J. J.Miller Colin Parks, Jeremy Blackford Mr.S.L. Smith
2004 B.L. Wheldon Y Baevas,  Mr.S.L. Smith
2005 G.D. Baveas Fraser Evans Mr.S.L. Smith
2006 L.A. Stewart Blake Wills, Nick Robson, Don Mackay Mr.S.L. Smith
2007 B.R. Gerbanas Ben Wright, William Macintosh Mr.S.L. Smith
2008 R.J.Foley Harry Hills, Michael Lam Mr.S.L. Smith
2009 D.G. Maggacis N.P.Cooper, S. Rasolea Mr.S.L. Smith
2010 Marshal Gagen Louis Ren, Oliver Doessel, Patrick Broe Mr S.L. Smith




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