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Captain's charge

Posted on 26 November 2018

With his final ‘captain’s charge’ address to the Senior School at Headmaster’s Assembly, Head Boarder Angus McCasker delivered a memorable and inspiring speech. We are proud to share this in Eagles’ Wings.
Churchie isn’t just a school. It’s not just a place where I come, day after day, to sit in a classroom, be educated, play sport and enjoy spending time with my friends. It’s so much more than that. And we should all be thankful that we go to a school that stands alone from the rest.
Churchie isn’t just a home because I live here alongside my fellow boarders. It is a home to every single young man sitting here today. Just like a home, there is a family: the boys of Churchie. We come from various backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures. We’ve worked hard and have become men through the decisions and the choices we make, supported by those around us. It is a lifetime brotherhood that lives beyond the years that we spend within these walls. It is a connection to those that have come before and those that are yet to come.
I look out onto this sea of young men and I don’t see any of you as average. I don’t see one person who won’t dare to make a difference. The fact that each of you wakes up every day and put on that blue and grey shirt means that I will never see a man of Churchie be average. Why? Because we make the tough choices. We act with dignity. We are gallant, gracious and giving. We will strive for every opportunity and relish in our successes.
While we can’t be the best at everything, our strength is that we never give up. I have been a proud student of Churchie and I will be a proud Old Boy. As our Year 12s leave, we will take with us the memories of these true friendships that have been formed. Wherever you are in this world, know that you have been my friend. I have thoroughly enjoyed growing up with each and every one of you. Let’s dive into the future with purpose and challenge ourselves to learn, to embrace, to be bold and brave, and take the road less travelled.
To the boys here, the future is in your hands. I challenge you to never stop striving to do your best. Not only for yourself but for your fellow Churchie men. Uphold your strengths and values and treat each other with the kindness and respect that the young men of Churchie deserve. As it was not the School that made this year special for us, it was your individual contribution.

It is the individual being valued for his contribution to this place that is Churchie—our legacy, our spirit. It is a sense of belonging. A sense of home. Where you can be yourself and rise to the challenge of being better. When the many memories of our high school years fade, that’s how I will remember you—being the person you chose to be. I wish you all the very best in your journey and I thank you for being a part of mine.