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From Churchie to Georgetown

Posted on 13 September 2019

Alex Chan (2018) has accepted an offer to study at Georgetown University in Washington DC and commenced an undergraduate degree at the McDonough School of Business in August.
Alex applied to study at Georgetown because the university is renowned for its International Relations programme and has many successful politicians among its alumni.
‘I’m really looking forward to exploring how international business works,’ Alex said. ‘Georgetown will present me with many different career options, including business, investment banking and law.’
Alex completed his senior years as a boarder in Goodwin House at Churchie. ‘I had a strong academic background when I first arrived at Churchie from China, but it wasn’t enough to get me into the top universities. The additional co-curricular and service activities at Churchie gave me the balance I needed to make a successful application,’ Alex said.

During his time at Churchie, Alex participated in many co-curricular areas, including music, football and rugby, and was very involved in community service. Alex developed a soccer charity foundation that aims to provide better access to soccer facilities for rural children. He raised $10,000 to build a soccer field and $18,000 to start a charity tournament that brings rural children to the city to compete.