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Strength in community

Posted on 17 August 2020

Boarding has been an integral part of Churchie since the foundation of the School. At the core of our boarding experience is a sense of community.
Churchie is well known for its commitment to full-time boarding that supports the needs of rural and regional students from Australia and international expat communities.
At the heart of Churchie Boarding is its seven-day-a-week boarding philosophy that ensures boys from different backgrounds come together to form a distinctly supportive culture and develop lifelong friendships and connections.
The Churchie Boarding community welcomes boys from outback stations, country towns, coastal cities, tropical islands and international metropolises. This diversity strengthens our community in so many ways as the boys join one vibrant community.
A supportive community that values individuals is the basis for the success Churchie’s boarders have achieved in personal growth and academic excellence.

‘Seven-day-a-week boarding at Churchie really strengthens our boarders’ experience. Boys immerse themselves in boarding life, take advantage of the many opportunities, and—most importantly—support each other to pursue their talents and interests,’ Director of Boarding Jason Wynne-Markham said.
We asked our 2019 Year 12 seniors to tell us what they have enjoyed most about their experience in the Churchie Boarding community: Hunter Wright (Head Boarder), Peter Body (Gerald House Captain), Hunter Macfarlane (Goodwin House Captain) and Lachlan Toovey (Prefect).