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Service and leadership

At Churchie, the route to leadership is defined through service or servant leadership. In the Boarding School at all year levels, community service is emphasised. As a community, we all participate in our annual half-marathon raising funds for the Little Miracles programme at the Mater Hospital. 
Appropriate role modelling in a boarding community is important and valued. The position of ‘House Prefect’ exists within the school only in the boarding houses and is one of the School Vice-Captains. This is to recognise senior boarders for their significant support behind the scenes in assisting and maintaining routines and meeting the boarding community’s expectations. Every Year 12 boarder can apply for this position and endeavour to meet the high standards that are required. The School Vice-Captain is a representative for boarding boys on the student executive and is a voice for the boarding community.
The community service activities include:
  • Meals on Wheels 
  • Australian Red Cross
  • Salvation Army
  • Church cleaning
  • Lawn mowing and hedge trimming
  • Daily House jobs.
  • AEIOU Foundation half-marathon
Some of the leadership opportunities include:
  • Dormitory Senior position
  • First Aid Certificate available for boys to obtain
  • Co-curricular leadership is available at individual team levels
  • Recreation organisation and facilitation for Boarding boys.