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Our Master Plan 2019

Churchie’s built environment is guided by a master plan, which ensures the educational objectives and the needs of students and staff are being met now and in the future. As part of the strategic planning process undertaken in 2018, the School Council developed Our Master Plan 2019 to deliver a range of new facilities over the coming years. These projects are linked and prioritised against the educational objectives set out in Churchie’s strategic plan. 

Our Master Plan 2019 contains a range of new facilities to be constructed over the next five years. In addition to the projects listed below, the plan includes the development of a performing arts complex, which will provide dedicated spaces for drama and music performance and ample rehearsal and teaching rooms to support academic and co-curricular activities.

 Masterplan overview
 Landscape intent

Master plan projects

Viking Café

Built on the site of the existing Viking Café, this new building provides improved tuckshop services as well as additional classrooms and extensive landscaped areas for student recreation. Read more

Year 3 and Prep School specialist building

Located adjacent to School House, this facility will provide additional Year 3 classrooms and new specialist rooms for visual art and a maker space. Read more

Residential developments and landscaping

New terrace houses will be built in Barker Street and character dwellings will be renovated to meet the residential needs of school executive and boarding staff. Additionally, landscaping along Barker Street and Mowbray Terrace will improve the screening of school buildings to enhance the residential aspects of these streets. Read more


Our Master Plan 2019 approved by School Council
Jackson building refurbishment commences

Year 3 and Prep School creative arts building commences
Construction of the Viking Café, including an upper level with six classrooms 
Refurbishment and extension of two character houses in Barker Street commences 
Construction of four new townhouses in Barker Street begins

Planning for performing arts complex
Extension to Year 6 classrooms

Construction of the performing arts complex
Extension to Campbell Centre for Prep School Art and Music
Reconstruct grandstand on Main Oval