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Prep School specialist building

As the Preparatory School has expanded over the previous 20 years, the need for additional specialist spaces has emerged. A proposed new building will provide a new creative arts precinct with rooms specifically designed for visual art in addition to a maker space that will provide a range of opportunities for student exploration and practical making activities such as glueing and drilling, robotics, physics, biology study with microscopes and magnifying glasses, cooking and refrigeration.
The building will be designed to provide ample natural light to enhance the art spaces with these rooms and an adjoining lounge space flowing into an art courtyard where a variety of outdoor activities can be pursued.
The upper level will contain three Year 3 classrooms, which will be linked to the upper floor of School House where Years 2 and 3 classrooms are currently located. The building will also incorporate a lift to provide greater accessibility to both the new building and School House.