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Residential developments and landscaping

Churchie owns several residential properties both within the main campus as well as in surrounding streets, primarily on the eastern side of Barker Street. Most of the dwellings on the properties are small and not adequate for the residential needs of the School. A programme of works to improve the quality and size of properties is planned.
An integral part of school life is the boarding community. In order to provide a high quality service and caring environment, it is necessary that the boarding supervisors and tutors live on site. The properties owned by the School are or will be occupied by School Executive or Churchie Boarding staff.
Two character houses in Barker Street will be renovated and extended to create School Executive residences and a further two properties that are not character houses will be demolished to enable the construction of four high-quality townhouses. This will allow for the demolishing of dwellings located elsewhere on the campus to make room for further building projects, such as a performing arts complex and the Prep School specialist building.
The School is committed to preserving the residential in look and feel of Barker Street. To achieve this, the School will:
  • upgrade the streetscape all along the broader eastern side of Barker Street to improve the residential feel and improve screening of the school buildings
  • retain the character houses in keeping with the style and history of the area
  • ensure the townhouse development is of high quality and in keeping with the residential nature of Barker Street.