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Our Strategy

After extensive collaboration with parents, staff and Old Boys, the School Council has released Our Strategy, Churchie’s strategic plan for 2018 to 2022.

Our Strategy affirms our identity, character and tradition while targeting key areas on which the School will focus in the coming years. This will advance our mission and continue preparing our young men to be leaders, learners and
servants for the world beyond Churchie.

 Click here to download the pdf of Our Strategy

Who we are

Churchie’s mission is ‘The making of men’, which aims to develop young men of good character, strong intellect and generous spirit who will move confidently into the global community and who will use their talents and gifts to lead and serve others.

We achieve our mission by pursuing balance across Churchie’s founding tenets of academic excellence, spiritual awareness, personal growth and service.

As an organisation with over 100 years of tradition, we value:
  • Future-focused learning and thinking
  • A balanced curriculum
  • Emotional intelligence, wellbeing and resilience
  • Tradition, culture and community
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Respect, compassion and support
  • Openness and integrity
Learn more about Churchie's mission, 'The making of men'

Our strategic goals

Our Strategy is driven by a focus on five strategic areas within which we will advance our mission and continue preparing our young men to be leaders, learners and servants for the world beyond Churchie.

We aim to strengthen Churchie’s current direction and strategic capability through:

1. Excellence in learning

With world-class facilities, future-focused learning programmes and research-based teaching, we strive to encourage the whole school community to excel and grow. Churchie’s partnerships with leading universities such as Swinburne and The University of Queensland, continue to develop, enabling tertiary-inspired programmes and research for students to learn from. With the emotional intelligence and pastoral programmes, the effective implementation of the new Queensland Certificate of Education (ATAR) and the delivery of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and Primary Years Programme, Churchie students are continually challenged to develop courage, skills and resilience to further strengthen the possibility for excellence in all fields.

2. Excellence in teaching and leading

Churchie has an extensive programme to develop staff professionally, believing that lifelong learning should be modelled. Staff are encouraged to vigorously pursue professional interests and many hold, or are undertaking, higher research degrees at leading universities. With increased staff activity in key research areas, data collection, analysis and publication, Churchie staff will continue to strengthen their existing synergies, improve teaching and learning practises, and be supported in their continued learning endeavours. 

3. Balance across our tenets

The School will focus on a balance across the four tenets (academic excellence, spiritual awareness, personal growth and service) to promote the development of the whole person and, indeed, the making of men. The learning environment at Churchie challenges students to consider not only their academic journey but their position in a community and how they will apply their talents and gifts beyond the classroom to lead and serve others. 

4. Global focus

Churchie offers a wonderful variety of learning experiences in local, national and international settings, including academic, cultural, service and sporting tours to Europe, America, Asia, South Africa, the Pacific Islands and New Zealand. Churchie offers the study of Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and French, recognising that our young men will need to be well prepared to compete and flourish in the global community. The delivery of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme and Diploma Programme also enables Churchie to provide a rigorous, world-class curriculum to prepare internationally minded young men. The Old Boys' international network will play a vital role in Churchie's globalisation and the opportunities for boys.


5. World-class corporate service

Providing opportunities for continual learning to all staff, not just teaching staff, is a key strategy to ensure that Churchie has, in all facets, a flourishing, creative and innovative community, able to support one another and the students in our care. The key initiatives involve delivering the built environment master plan and providing exceptional facilities in which our students and staff can learn, teach, work and grow.

Culture, partnerships and resources

Our goals are supported and enabled by our strong culture, partnerships and resources:
  • strong Anglican ethos
  • collegial relationships within the Anglican Schools Commission of Queensland and other Anglican schools
  • school-wide cultural values and community belonging
  • existing pastoral care programmes for students delivered by the form class and house system
  • professional and well-managed human and financial resources
  • strong boarding house community, affirmed ethos and value of boarding
  • Yalari partnership supporting Indigenous children’s education and advancing a broad, understanding community
  • expansive Old Boys’ network
  • built environment master plan delivering exceptional facilities
  • ICT strategy and digital resources supporting learning and corporate services
partnerships with University of Melbourne, Swinburne University, The University of Queensland and short-term, international residential programmes for students and staff at leading international universities.

To read more about our goals and initiatives, and learn about our three to five year outcomes, read our Strategic Plan.

 Click here to download the pdf of Our Strategy