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Creative and dynamic learning

Churchie's teachers are experts in boys' education and they use these skills to support, challenge and engage our boys in their learning. Our teachers are active participants in the International Boys' Schools Coalition (IBSC) through action research and international, national and regional presentations.

Our teachers apply a diverse range of proven teaching practices that inspire, engage and challenge boys to maximise their learning potential. These practices include:
  • higher-order thinking skills that align with the Queensland Core Skills Test Common Curriculum Elements
  • active engagement
  • collaborative learning
  • gaming and play
  • contextual learning
  • modelling
  • project-based learning
  • student-centred peer-based learning
  • minimising the 'what' and maximising the 'why' to encourage deeper reasoning and understanding
  • motor activity and movement
  • less teacher talk
  • differentiated learning
  • metacognition
  • technology-rich learning activities that appeal to a variety of learning styles
  • international cross-cultural learning
  • familiar routines and structures.