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Gifted and Talented Programme

Bridge buildingThe Aquila Programme is designed to nurture the academic talent of gifted students. It is an essential part of Churchie’s commitment to personalised learning and the pursuit of excellence. The programme seeks to identify our gifted young men, encourage their unique interests, enhance their potential and maintain their passion for learning. Aquila includes year-long extension programmes, short term projects, ability grouping in some subjects and entry into individual and team competitions.

The numerous extension experiences and competitions in which Churchie presently participates include:

  • Interdisciplinary extension units
  • State and Australasian Philosothons (philosophy)
  • Australian Brain Bee Challenge (Year 10)
  • UQ/QAMT Maths Problem Solving Competition
  • Churchie Maths Team Challenge
  • Churchie Literature Challenge
  • Australian Maths Trust Enrichment Programmes
  • Computational Algorithmic Thinking Test
  • Australian Geography Competition
  • World Scholar’s Cup
  • Big Science Competition
  • Research Placements and STEM Camps
  • Australian Computational Linguistics Olympiad (OzCLO)
  • Science Engineering Challenges
  • Da Vinci Decathlons
  • Days of Excellence workshops
  • Readers’ Cup
  • Aurecon Bridge Building Competition.
The Aquilan and Scholar’s Programme allows students the opportunity to extend their learning in a range of internal and external opportunities.