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Pastoral Care Programme

The Pastoral Care Programme in Churchie's Senior School is delivered by housemasters through timetabled year group pastoral learning lessons and is supported by tutor teachers in their daily pastoral care sessions. The programme covers an array of topics, issues and discussion points, with an overarching focus on individualised goal setting, resilience and leadership. As the programme is conducted within the house structure, a warm environment is created allowing students to feel safe and communicate openly.
Students are also supported by the School Chaplain, the Career Guidance Officer and the School Psychologist. These professionals offer a range of services including personal, spiritual and emotional support, tertiary study and career guidance, and time management advice.

The Year 7 transition year

Year 7 supports students transitioning from their primary years to their secondary education.
During this transition, students are placed in a form class with a form teacher who is responsible for the pastoral wellbeing of the students. Year 7 students are accommodated in the Fisher building, overlooking their own outdoor spaces and North Field.

The rigorous academic programme supports students as they become more autonomous in their learning. Students are encouraged to be complex thinkers, responsive creators, active investigators, effective communicators and enthusiastic participants in a globally connected learning environment. The pastoral principles and practices that underpin our teachers’ delivery of their academic and co-curricular programmes have, as their foundation, the belief that academic success and the capacity to flourish are built on knowing each student well.

Year 7 students undertake Pastoral Learning classes, which explore their responses to situations requiring resilience, responsibility, relationship building and resolve. These developing skills are enhanced via the Outdoor Education programme, where students learn to develop resilience, teamwork, mateship as well are respect for the environment.


The house system is fundamental to the pastoral care programme at Churchie. The role of the house incorporates and promotes the pastoral, academic, social, spiritual and emotional growth of the students. Each of the eleven houses in the Senior School is led by a dedicated housemaster who serves as a mentor and role model providing consistency of care for each student in the house from Year 7 to Year 12. The housemaster is supported by six tutor teachers who encourage and advise students on a daily basis within the vertical (multi-year-level) tutor group. Therefore, each tutor teacher also plays an integral part in supporting the overall needs of the students at Churchie. Vibrant inter-house competitions and house activities foster student participation and teamwork. The house system also provides students and families with opportunities to participate in a range of community activities throughout the year.  

Each house has its own colours, emblem, history and precinct. The current houses at Churchie are:
  • Biggs 
  • Casey
  • Gerald (boarding)
  • Goodwin (boarding)
  • Grenfell 
  • Hillary 
  • Kingsley 
  • Magnus
  • Mansfield
  • Mawson
  • Nansen.