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Our Culture

Whether you are a Churchie student, parent, member of staff or Old Boy, you are an integral part of the Churchie community. Our culture is one of family and belonging, where boys are taught self-worth, resilience and motivation.

Our culture is defined by the motivation, connectedness and positivity of our students, staff and parents. It is a culture that fosters and encourages relatedness, responsibility, competence, selflessness and effort. When experienced together, the result enables us to achieve more and reach our personal bests.

From the moment you first walk onto the campus and begin interacting with our community, it is evident that the Churchie culture is characterised by linked, supportive, considerate and engaged groups and individuals. Our Christian heritage underpins our culture and shines through when we are selfless, humble and respond with dignity.

Emotional Intelligence and Wellbeing

At Churchie we understand and recognise the impact a boy's emotional intelligence has on his learning, his intellectual development and his ability to build strong positive relationships.
Our longstanding partnership with Melbourne's Swinburne University has seen Churchie innovate and lead the development of ground-breaking research in child and adolescent emotional intelligence research. This has perpetuated cutting edge programmes that have demonstrated strong links with academic achievement.
Our emotional intelligence initiatives provide Churchie students with life skills and an education that is geared towards success, not just in the workplace, but also in family and community life.
More recently we have established a relationship with the University of Queensland, whereby specialist programmes have been introduced addressing the well-being of students, teachers and staff.
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Every young man at Churchie can experience a strong sense of belonging and connection to a unique school community; a community of which he will remain a member all his life. Indeed, a great strength of the Churchie community, is the manner in which every boy can find his place in this diverse and vibrant school during his years here and beyond.
The House and Form-based pastoral care system is the foundation upon which strong relationships with fellow students and staff are formed. This pastoral care structure ensures that every boy is well known, well cared for and can thrive within a caring and supportive environment. Students receive support from Form teachers, Heads of Year, Year Level Coordinators and Housemasters.
Senior School boys meet with their Form teacher on a daily basis for informal pastoral care including the preparation and organisation of daily lessons, as well as attendance at cohort assemblies, Chapel services and Headmaster's assemblies. Form teachers build strong relationships as they also teach their boys in a number of subject areas.
Ample opportunities are provided for students to support one another in daily school life, not the least of which is in the co-curricular programme where lasting relationships are formed in healthy competition between Houses, Form classes and other sub-Schools.
A deep sense of belonging permeates every class, every team and every ensemble as students form strong bonds to their school and to one another.
Perhaps the greatest example of the unique sense of belonging is displayed by the many hundreds of Old Boys who return to the school year after year to renew friendships, offer support and camaraderie and celebrate their time in the blue and grey.


At Churchie we lead in the literal sense of striving to be at the forefront in all that we do. Churchie seeks out opportunities to collaborate with prominent organisations to form strategic relationships and together, deliver programmes that inspire creativity and ingenuity, build character and resilience, and provide opportunities for all to grow in a supportive yet challenging environment.
With the strength of our four tenets and over a hundred years of experience, we are confident in guiding and nurturing our community in meeting not only current challenges but also understanding future trends and developments.
Leading requires the courage to stand for Churchie's learning and behavioural values and the proactive presence to get things done as a servant or a supervisor, realising that both roles are mutually and equally important.


As a learning community, Churchie is focussed on improvement. Our culture allows our students to pursue competence and confidence in a broad range of academic, cultural, sporting and service activities whilst being surrounded by supportive peers and staff. Competence and confidence leads to increased motivation and effort leading to still more improvement.
Feedback and effective communication are key components of supporting improvement as a strong facet of our culture. Timely and effective feedback enables progress to be measured and achieved.
Improvement is achieved across the school as students and staff strive to develop their practice and skill in an environment that is characterised by planning, action, reflection and review.
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Service is one of Churchie's four tenets. Opportunities to serve others, within and beyond the school community, provide a tangible expression of the school's Christian ethos. Our young men learn to use their time and talents to bring honour to all, and in the service of others find a deeper joy in life.
Over many years, Churchie has provided significant material support to a significant number of charitable organisations. Raising money is one aspect of Service at Churchie but the real focus of the programme is engagement in transformational experiences where our students give their time in local, remote and international settings. Annual Service tours take place to Vanuatu and Samoa on alternate years. We have a special relationship with St Patrick's School in Vanuatu, where our students immerse themselves in community life. They teach in classrooms, tutor local students, build tables, paint walls and take part in sports and games. Through the Antipodeans Abroad, boys visit and take part in service activities in places such as Borneo and Peru.
Closer to home Churchie hosts the annual Sony Camp for children with high needs. Students from Churchie and St Margaret's are chosen to be carers for this challenging camp. Boys from Churchie also attend six Special Education units on a weekly basis throughout the year, playing with children, reading to them or using music to encourage interaction. Another key aspect of Service is the boys' involvement in the internationally recognised Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award programme. There are over 300 students working towards either their bronze, silver or gold awards. Seven students have achieved Gold in the past three years. The programme actively encourages students to expand their Service horizons beyond their immediate communities.
The central purpose of the school's service programme is to assist students to develop their sense of responsibility to serving and leading the communities of which they can play an integral role throughout their lives. It is pleasing to see many former students involved in charitable works well after they finish at Churchie.


All young men at Churchie are expected to give their very best in all of their endeavours. To strive, to be the best one can be, has been a key element of the school since its foundation in 1912. It is an expectation that each young man will use his talents and abilities to put his very all into every endeavour while seeking to improve his personal best.
Churchie's four tenets provide the inspiration and framework for the boys to experience a balance as they strive to become men of character, generous in spirit and willing to make their way in the world with confidence.
In striving to reach the highest levels of achievement, we expect our young men to do so with humility, integrity and determination.
Perhaps, the essence of striving is best exemplified in the words of Churchie's founder, Canon Morris, who urged all students to ˜finish hard' in all of life's endeavours.