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Our Learning Environment

Personalised Learning is central to empowering every Churchie boy to develop knowledge, skills and values that allow him to grow into an accomplished young man.

At Churchie, every student's educational experience is individually tailored to enrich his personal growth, learning, self-worth and academic achievement. This high level of personalised learning is achieved by providing challenging learning experiences, nurturing positive relationships, and accepting shared responsibility for individual success. 

Challenging Learning Experiences

At Churchie we understand that every boy is on a unique learning journey.
To enrich and support every boy's experience we provide an environment that fosters personalised learning through challenging learning experiences.
Every Churchie student has the opportunity to challenge himself and to strive to improve his personal bests in everything he does both inside and outside the classroom.
Every student is challenged to think about his own learning style and the way he thinks. He is encouraged to learn and explore without the fear of failure. He is taught to develop and appreciate the value of an exceptional work ethic while gaining a deep understanding of his own experiences and how they enrich his learning.
With a comprehensive array of facilities, all located on-campus and within easy walking distance of each other, opportunities to be challenged, to learn and to have fun are abundant. Every day students experience learning opportunities in our flexible learning spaces, classrooms, labs, drama performance spaces, sports complex, aquatics centre, music facilities, state-of-the-art boathouse rowing facility, tennis centre and sports fields.
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Positive Relationships

At Churchie we understand the importance and impact positive relationships have on our students' learning, well-being, development and education.
We know personalised learning can only occur in an environment where every boy participates fully in challenging learning experiences, in the context of positive working relationships with teachers and peers.
Through our extensive cocurricular, academic and service programmes, boys experience the benefits of developing positive relationships with those around them, whether they are their coaches, mentors, trainers, teachers, fellow students, parents or members of the broader community.
Each day positive relationships are enhanced by a number of initiatives including our leadership programmes, mentoring programmes, learning support programmes, talent acceleration opportunities and pastoral learning programmes.
At Churchie we focus on developing every boy's joy of learning by celebrating progress, self-discipline, effort and achievement.
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Shared Responsibility for Outcomes

At Churchie we are mindful that parents are the primary educators of their children. It is our privilege, as educators, to share in that significant responsibility with parents who choose to enrol their sons in the school. We acknowledge we have a shared responsibility for the learning outcomes of each student and we remain deeply committed to that mission.
A strong and open partnership between the school, parents and the student, is integral to the success and well-being of every boy. Accordingly, opportunities exist for regular communication and information sharing to take place with a view to supporting each student to achieve his full potential.
Working together and expressing values and expectations in a caring and thoughtful manner ensures our students learn and thrive in an environment founded on consistent support and advice from both the home and School.
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