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Looking to the Future

For over 100 years Churchie has prepared thousands of young men for the significant roles they play in local, national and international communities. As such, it is essential that our vision incorporates strategies for the future and is mindful of that which we value most; the school’s four tenets—academic excellence, spiritual awareness, personal growth and community service—held dear by vast numbers of students, Old Boys, staff and parents.

Inherent in the Vision18+ are four key thrusts upon which our future strategies will be based:
  • the internationalisation of our academic programmes to bring a renewed and broadened academic focus
  • the advancement of creativity and innovation in intellectual, cultural and artistic pursuits
  • the development of character and resilience in our young men through pastoral, sporting, service and Emotional Intelligence programmes
  • and the expressing of our Christian mission in serving of others.
To realise our vision, first and foremost, Churchie invests extensively in attracting, developing and retaining the highest quality staff who teach and care for our young men with dedication and enthusiasm. Our staff are attracted from national and international education settings and believe deeply in the future of every boy. Churchie has an extensive programme to grow and develop staff professionally, believing that lifelong learning should be modelled and that Churchie is a learning community. Staff are encouraged to vigorously pursue professional interests and many hold, or are undertaking, higher research degrees at leading universities.
Our vision can only become a reality with the very best teaching staff. 


As an academic institution, Churchie continually seeks to provide the very best teaching and learning experiences available anywhere in the world. This recognises that scholarly pursuits – the acquisition of knowledge and academic excellence – all lie at the core of our school and that our young men will need to be well prepared to compete and flourish in the global community.
A cursory glance at the school’s interconnectedness with the global community in the past two years reveals that Churchie’s young men have had opportunities to learn, compete and tour in France, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Japan, China, South Africa, Samoa, Vanuatu and New Zealand. Such international experiences will continue to provide our young men with the skills they require to engage and thrive in an increasingly connected world. The recent addition of Spanish to the school’s suite of languages provides new opportunities not just to live and study in Spain and other Spanish-speaking destinations, but to have the linguistic skills to converse with an estimated 400 million native Spanish speakers worldwide.

International connectedness also recognises that our young men will continue to study, at undergraduate and postgraduate level, at Australia’s and the world’s leading universities. A key strategy inherent in this vision is commencement of the International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Programme and Diploma Programme. Such programmes, across Reception to Year 12, enable the school to provide a rigorous, world-class curriculum to prepare internationally-minded young men.

Students undertaking the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award programme travelled to Mt Everest base camp in 2017. 

Advancing creativity and innovation

Young people are innately creative; as such the second key thrust of our vision is to provide an environment in which creativity can truly thrive. Accordingly, the school’s new generation learning spaces enable and empower our young men and teachers to think, plan, learn, collaborate and teach in continually innovative and creative ways.
The building programme designed to assist includes a newly constructed Centenary Library that will redefine teaching and learning programmes at Churchie with the provision of more technology-rich, collaborative research, teaching and presentation spaces.

Around the world, schools are rethinking how spaces for learning should be established to give learners access to a range of learning methodologies to enhance the personalisation of learning. Churchie’s first major project to feature new generation learning spaces on a large scale was the Hayward Midson Creative Precinct. This facility has combined four creative disciplines allowing them to collaborate and inspire one another: Design and Technology; Media, Film and TV; Art; and Drama. The Performing Arts programme is another key area where creativity flourishes and thus, among other key strategies, it will be provided with a new home in the near future: the Performing Arts Complex. These three buildings will lie at the very heart of the school’s future academic, creative and intellectual aspirations for our young men.

The Centenary Library is a centre for learning and innovation and home to the Churchie Research Centre. 

Developing character and resilience

The third major thrust within Churchie's vision for the future is focused on the development of character and student resilience: the ability to bounce back from the inevitable difficulties with which one is presented in life. It is very important that our young men develop the courage, skills and mindfulness to accept that setbacks are an essential part of growth and character development, and to develop the resolve to turn setbacks into the inspiration to do better. Accordingly, in partnership with Swinburne University, one of Australia’s leading universities, Churchie is developing pastoral programmes to focus specifically on the development of student resilience. Specifically, these programmes will continue to focus on the development of personal resilience, academic resilience and leadership skills.
The school’s broad sporting and co-curricular programme remains another very fertile area where young men can challenge and immerse themselves in opportunities to develop character, personal resilience and leadership skills. Churchie will continue to provide local, national and international cultural and sporting opportunities of the highest calibre to enable our young men to grow in character and strength. 

Churchie's Tri-Service Cadet programme challenges students to develop their character and resilience.

Serving others

Within the bedrock of Churchie’s foundation lies our Christian heritage observed in the Anglican tradition. This is an essential element of our identity. The school’s Service tenet is a key expression of that Christian identity as our young men use their time, talents and treasure to be of service to others. Thus, in this fourth key area in the years ahead, the school will continually seek to provide our young men with local and international opportunities to be of service to others and to learn more about their own humanity in the course of doing so.

This vision for the future, entitled Vision18+, will inform the directions and strategies that will take Churchie boldly into the next century.

Staff, parents, Old Boys and friends of Churchie look forward with immense excitement to the contributions and achievements of our young men as, together, we envision their wonderful future.

Churchie holds tours to countries across the world including India, where students dedicate their time to the service of others.
Dr Alan Campbell