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Benefits of retrieval practice in the classroom setting

Posted on 13 March 2020

Cognitive scientists Pooja K. Agarwal, Ludmila D. Nunes and Janell R. Blunt have completed a systematic review of the literature specifically focused on the application of retrieval practice in the classroom setting. 'Benefits from retrieval practice in schools and classrooms: A systematic review of applied research in educational settings' reviewed nearly 2000 articles. The review process highlighted 37 critical studies and 50 experiments that meet specified quality, in terms of design, sample, method and means of analysis.

The authors have structured the dissemination of the review’s findings in an open-access project summary and produced a systematic breakdown of the selected articles with an overview of methods, measures, samples, results and conclusions. Importantly, the products of this review present schools and teachers with easily accessible and high-quality information through a novel open-access mechanism. The nature of the information presented will go some way to allow any practitioner to discern the possible impact of the integration of retrieval practice in their context and/or subject discipline.