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Translating evidence into practice

Posted on 19 October 2017

The Translating Evidence into Practice event, held in The Centenary Library on Monday 16 October, focused on providing Churchie teachers with tangible classroom interventions that have been shown to impact student learning. The day consisted of workshops that covered such topics as reading comprehension processes, efficient learning techniques, impact of multi-tasking and the new Queensland Certificate of Education.
The day was enriched by the cooperation with key members of the University of Queensland’s Science of Learning Research Centre (SLRC) team, who outlined how the research of the SLRC can enrich teacher practice in the classroom.
Also, leading Churchie teachers shared with their peers, findings from their own classroom or action research projects.

  • How the work of the Science for Learning Research Centre can help teachers in the classroom, presented by Annita Nugent, Manager Research Translation UQ SLRC
  • An overview of the new QCAA QCE, presented by Marcia Brumpton, Dean of Studies Years 10 to 12

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