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Information fluency

Students today enjoy ready access to unprecedented amounts of information. The internet has facilitated an explosion in information and mobile technologies enabling 24/7 access. The boon of easy and unfettered access to information is tempered by the challenges of navigating this vast, diverse and sometimes-hazardous landscape. The oft-quoted analogy that getting information off the internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant sums up the dilemma students face. 

Information fluency is a core requirement of twenty-first-century learners and, hence, the core business of Churchie’s Centenary Library. The resources and services we offer are designed to help students become critical, ethical and independent locators, selectors and users of information. 
Within the library building and via our Centenary eLibrary, Churchie’s community of learners are guided through all phases of the inquiry process. Both print and online resources are curated specifically for the School’s curriculum, and students are linked to the resources of state and tertiary libraries. Student engagement with information in an inquiry context is a common feature to each of the Queensland (QCAA), Australian (ACARA) and International (IB) curriculums delivered at Churchie. 
As a result of strong partnerships between faculties and The Centenary Library, students routinely learn and apply information fluency skills in authentic contexts.