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Emotional intelligence programmes

Churchie's programmes target interventions to improve a boy's emotional intelligence. Our research assesses the effectiveness of these interventions. This includes student outcomes in emotional intelligence, well-being, scholastic performance, behavioural measures, leadership and the development of resilience.

The focus of these programmes is to develop, improve and implement emotional intelligence interventions across the school community. This includes students, parents and teachers. In partnership with Swinburne University, this body of research will measure a boy's emotional intelligence before and after any intervention and the School will continually use this data to improve and develop emotional intelligence. The research indicates that adolescence is the most critical period for a boy's development of emotional intelligence.

Year 4, 5 and 6 SUEITEY

In partnership with Swinburne University, Churchie has developed the Swinburne University Emotional Intelligence Test - Early Years (SUEITEY).
Boys undertake this assessment at the start of Year 4. The test provides a baseline measure of a boy's emotional intelligence. After testing, students will commence a ground-breaking and unique programme that addresses emotional resilience, understanding self, understanding others, managing big emotions (anger, sadness, and disappointment), belonging, confidence, persistence, courage and relationships with others. Once the programme is completed, students re-sit the test to determine the development of their emotional intelligence. An expert team from Swinburne University trains each boy's teacher in delivering this programme. The teachers also undergo their own emotional intelligence testing.

Year 9 Personal Development and Leadership Programme (PD&L)

In Year 9, significant intellectual, psychological, social and physical development occurs which moulds and refines young men. Experiences encountered throughout this journey, when mixed with an individual's unique emotional chemistry, begin to forge character. In a world of easy access, off-the-shelf pastoral programmes aimed at highlighting character traits, Churchie has developed an organic initiative called the Personal Development and Leadership Programme (PDLP) to challenge all Year 9 boys. This programme aligns with a suite of offerings including the School's commitment to Service, the Duke of Edinburgh programme and the Tri-Service Cadet programme.
Personal development includes individual self-development in such areas as improving self-awareness and self-knowledge, building or renewing identity, improving potential, fulfilling aspirations and defining and executing personal development plans. The concept of personal development can go beyond self-development to include the developing of others. Leadership skills covered during the PD&L Programme afford boys the opportunity to work effectively in teams to challenge beliefs and then exert positive influences to make a real difference.
The programme underpins and supports Churchie's philosophy, the ‘Making of Men'. The school's founder, Canon Morris, believed that it was essential to provide opportunities to grow and strengthen character so our young men can be ‘a gift to Australia and its future'.

Year 10 Academic Resilience Programme

To better prepare our young men for the academic pressures of their final secondary school years, Year 10 students are led through our Academic Resilience Programme. Prior to starting this course, students undertake the Swinburne University Emotional Intelligence Test (SUEIT). The test provides a self-reported score in the following emotional intelligence constructs:
  • Emotional Recognition and Expression
  • Understanding Others' Emotions
  • Emotions Direct Cognition
  • Emotional Management and Control.
Led by our team of housemasters, who are trained by Swinburne University's researchers in the areas of emotional intelligence development, this course assists students to understand their emotional intelligence scores and how they impact on their approach to their academic programme. Students will be equipped with lifelong skills that will support them in preparing for assessment and examinations, whilst learning how to develop their academic resilience in the areas of managing stress and anxiety. This is a hands-on, engaging, boy-centric, media-based programme unique to Churchie.

Sports and Activities Emotional Intelligence Development Programme

We know that Emotional Intelligence is linked to leadership quality and academic performance. There is emerging evidence that Emotional Intelligence affects the team dynamic and the ability to manage anxiety and stress when experiencing pressure on the sporting field.
At Churchie we are extending our relationship with Swinburne University to include a project aimed at improving sporting teamwork and performance. We are measuring the ability of selected teams to recognise and express emotion, understand the emotions of others, use emotional information in decision making, and manage and control emotions. We are also looking for links between performance, personality and the ability to manage stress. Churchie is leading the way in developing a programme that will use data to inform targeted interventions aimed at building skill and the capacity to perform under pressure.