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Navy Cadets

Australian Defence Force Cadets aim is to provide opportunities for all young Australians to obtain comprehensive personal challenges, growth, enhanced self-esteem, self-discipline, and adventurous enjoyment in a military setting.
TS Magnus is a school-based unit that is the second oldest Australian Navy Cadet unit in Queensland. Being active for over 50 years, we have seen a large number of ex-cadets move into the defence force fulfilling roles as varied as marine engineers, stores officers and ships captains.
TS Magnus began as the Sea Cadets and then became the Naval Reserve Cadets. It is now known as the Australian Naval Cadets. 

Although they were jocularly referred to as Pat’s Pirates at the outset, TS Magnus has trained many young men in the ways of the sea, and many have gone on to serve in both the RAN and the Merchant Marine.

As the second Naval Cadet unit in Queensland and the first school unit, the ship, on the banks of Norman Creek, was (until recently) the only unit with Cadet Officers and today has one of the few Midshipmen in the state.
TS Magnus offers the opportunity to learn skills, go places and have experiences that most people can only imagine. We strive to make everything a fun and challenging activity. Unit training is conducted one afternoon a week and involves general seamanship, radio operation, powerboating, sailing, First Aid, drill, leadership and general life skills.
Each term a day or weekend activity is planned and may include a Tri-Service Camp with the Army and Air Force Cadets also based at Churchie, boating days, adventure training, navigation and seamanship weekends. There is also the opportunity to have the cadets conduct weapons safety and marksmanship training at the Weapons Training Simulation System (WTSS) at Enoggera Army Barracks.