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Stage Crew

Stage Crew is a unique co-curricular activity, which sees students manage production and audio-visual needs for events including assemblies, awards dinners, dances, theatrical productions and concerts. For the boys involved, Stage Crew provides a diverse and rewarding set of learning opportunities across a wide range of productions.
Training for Stage Crew is focussed on six areas of event production: lighting, audio, vision, mechanics, management and design. Students experience many different jobs and roles that are associated with event production which may include production and stage managers, production designers, audio engineers, lighting designers and technicians, rigging/backstage technicians, vision (media) directors and camera operators and many more.
Roles are assigned on a rotating/volunteer basis and will be designated by the Events Production Manager in coordination with the Staff Crew leaders and the Stage Crew Captain to give crew members experience and training where needed.
Crew members in Years 8 to 10 will train and operate in our newly developed Viking Sports Broadcasting Programme for rugby and soccer. Members of Stage Crew have the opportunity to use state of the art production equipment and work cooperatively with their classmates, faculty, and administration to produce events and a variety of special productions.

Stage Crew is divided into four levels.
Level 1
This level is for first and second year crew members to develop basic skillsets. First year crew members undergo one term of basic training and must pass a skills test prior in order to progress to being rostered onto a position for events. Year 7 boys are also invited to sign up for a probationary training programme where they will attend four basic training courses per term (Terms 1 to 3) and undergo a skills test in Term 4. 
Two programmes run under level one: 
  • Year 7 introduction to stage crew trainee programme (one year)
  • Years 8 to 11 basic training programme (one to two terms).

Level 2: Production technician/trainee
This level is for second and third year crew members who can operate events under supervision.

Level 3: Production technician leaders/trainers
These boys have developed specialised skills in one or more areas of crew and can self-operate events and train younger members.

Level 4: Department heads, captains, design and production leaders 
These boys have developed specialised and advanced skills in multiple areas of production, and are developing/honing leadership skills.