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Chapel services

The Canon Jones Memorial Chapel stands at the heart of the school. We use our fine chapel for prayer and worship.

Students, staff and parents, seeking peace, contemplation and a place to ‘rest awhile', visit the Chapel during the day.

House and Year groups run regular services and the Eucharist, celebrated at least once a week, is open for anyone to attend.

Sacristans, Chapel Wardens and Captains

Sacristans are traditionally people who are charged with the care of a Church and its contents. Young men in Year 9 can participate in Churchie's community services programme and assist with the behind-the-scenes operations of the School Chapel. A small group of Year 9 boys meet on Monday afternoons to clean and look after the Chapel linen, vestments and silverware. There is also an opportunity for young men to learn about the traditions and teachings of the Church.

More information

For more information, please email  [email protected]