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Weddings at Churchie

The Canon Jones Memorial Chapel is available to members of the Churchie community including Old Boys and teachers for weddings, baptisms and other pastoral services. This ministry is part of the School's ongoing commitment to families who have shared in the life of Churchie.

Booking the Date

Complete the application form well in advance to reserve your chosen date. The Chaplain will be in touch to discuss the date and time. When payment is made, the date is confirmed.
It is unusual for more than one wedding to be held on the same day; that is part of our commitment to make your service special.
By Australian law, you must give formal notice of your wedding at least one month in advance. To do this, please complete Form 13: Notice of Intended Marriage. 
Churchie charges an inclusive fee of $1500 for your wedding, which covers the cost of flowers, music, cleaning and the service of the officiating priest.


Please contact the Chapel Organist, [email protected] to arrange the music for the service
If you wish to include hymns in the service, you can select from a variety of sources based on our suggestions.
You may wish to include other musical instruments. All of these may be included although the organist will always be present and available.

The Chapel Organ is a beautiful instrument, amongst the finest in Australian schools. Please plan to use the organ in your service as we do not permit recorded music.


Please contact the Chapel Flowers coordinator, Mrs Jenni Broe on 3395 8392 or 0448 843 789 or email at [email protected]


It's important to retain the Christian character of the service and to honour the serious purpose of the occasion. Can you please ask your photographer to act with respect? This is rarely a problem as most wedding photographers are experienced and act with tact and dignity.


Rehearsals are held one evening in the week before the service. It is possible at this time to complete the documents required by the Registrar General and to rehearse part of the service.