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Overseas Study Scholarships for Old Boys

Old Boys and year 12 students of Anglican Church Grammar School, wishing to attend colleges or universities in the United Kingdom or United States of America, are invited to apply for an Overseas Study Scholarship. The scholarships are made available through grants from an American Charitable Trust established by an Old Boy of the School and are open to students undertaking either undergraduate or post graduate study.

The scholarships provide an average of $4,000 per annum (or pro rata for shorter courses) which may be increased up to a maximum of $10,000 per annum dependent on the circumstances. The value of the scholarship may depend on the number awarded and specific courses approved in a given year. All awards are made at the discretion of the Headmaster.

  • For courses 0 - 12 months duration, 100% of the scholarship amount awarded will be paid after receipt of documented evidence of successful completion of the course.
  • For courses 2 years or more duration, the scholarship will be paid in equal amounts each year with the relevant annual payment confirmed when the scholarship is approved. The first payment will be made on provision of evidence of successful completion of the first year of study. Subsequent payments will be made each year after that, upon provision of required documentation confirming successful completion of that year of the course.

Please ensure you have the following documentation ready to upload (as attachments) prior to completing your application:

  • Academic transcripts
    • copy of undergraduate and/or post graduate academic transcripts
    • year 12 students please provide academic transcript and OP or ATAR documentation, which can be provided once received at the end of the year 
  • References
    • year 12 students can provide a reference from their Housemaster
  • University/College
    • please include acceptance documentation from the institution you will be attending
    • course cost and accommodation cost
  • Other requirements
    • relevant work history (if applicable)
    • other financial support: (details of other scholarships or financial support for which you have applied or which you have been granted)
    • any further information you consider relevant to this application
  • Please describe, in 300 words or less, your understanding of philanthropy and how it can impact a school, organisation and/or community

Please click here to apply. Applications close on Tuesday 31 May 2022.
If you require assistance, please click here to email the Foundation Office . 


Foundation Scholarship Fund

Churchie offers several academic and sporting scholarships (or bursaries) named to honour donors and high achievers. Scholarships are granted to talented students who need financial support to attend Churchie. Donors have established a number of scholarships and bursaries through the Churchie Foundation's Scholarship Fund.

Make a contribution to the Churchie Foundation Scholarships Fund

Donors can contribute to the Churchie Foundation Scholarships Fund, which is has deductible gift recipient status. This allows for gifts for certain scholarships to be tax deductible. If you would like more information about the scholarships fund, or you would like to establish a new scholarship or bursary, please contact the Churchie Foundation on 07 3896 6462 or email [email protected]. Please note that new scholarships and bursaries are subject to legal requirements.