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Churchie Foundation

Since 1992, one hundred Churchie Old Boys have advanced their careers and gained invaluable international study experience with the support of the scholarship programme.

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Below are the stories of some of Churchie's Old Boys who recieved a Foundation Scholarship and pursued their studies and careers overseas. 

Henry Harland (2014)

Henry Harland (2015) is a 2018 recipient of the Churchie Foundation Overseas Study Scholarship for Old Boys. Henry recently attended the University of Wisconsin–Madison and has penned the following recollections of his experience.

An exchange to the US is something I’ve wanted to do for quite a while now, and the University of Wisconsin–Madison did not disappoint.

I found university in the US a very different experience to Australia. For me it felt more like high school with homework given out and checked, as well as near mandatory attendance in most classes.

During my time in the US I managed to duck away on a few quick trips to Chicago, New Orleans, Nashville and even a mate´s place in New Jersey for an authentic American Thanksgiving!

I couldn't recommend an exchange highly enough to anyone else considering it, it’s the trip of a lifetime and the only downside is that you have to say goodbye to all the great friends you´ve made.

Robert Hurn (2012)

'The Churchie Foundation has facilitated my experience enormously by granting me the scholarship. The scholarship has gone a long way to help to reduce the financial burden on my family. On behalf of my family and myself, I would like to thank the Churchie Foundation for their generosity, Alis Aquilae.'

After graduating from Churchie in 2012, Robert was accepted by Yale University to be an undergraduate student in the class of 2017, majoring in physics. At first, being surrounded by some of the brightest minds from across the world was intimidating, but he was very quickly swept up into Yale’s hypercompetitive academic environment that pushed him to reach his limits in the classroom.

Robert is now conducting research on dark energy under the supervision of a professor leading a multi-billion dollar NASA mission and has been offered a place at the University of Cambridge to study a one-year masters course in nuclear engineering.

Spiro Pippos (2003)

'The Churchie Foundation Scholarship programme is proof that Churchie is dedicated to making future leaders.'

The Foundation Scholarship has continued the support that the school gave Spiro during his time as a student. Over a decade after he graduated from Churchie, Spiro made a step change in his career by undertaking a top-tier MBA at London Business School (LBS) with the support of a Churchie Foundation scholarship. In addition to the financial stipend providing helpful support, it also improved his credibility as a graduate of an internationally recognised business school.

Anthony Solomon (1990)

'I feel extremely fortunate to have been the beneficiary of the Churchie Foundation Overseas Study Scholarship. Australia is blessed with a rich academic environment, but there is plenty of world out there and much to learn from studying, working and teaching in other environments. I am very grateful to the Foundation for its support.'

Having worked as a junior doctor in Queensland for two years, in 1999, supported in part by a Churchie Foundation Overseas Study Scholarship, Anthony set out for London to undertake the Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (DTM&H) at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). The London experience was life changing.

After he completed the DTM&H course, Anthony was offered a job working on trachoma in the northern region of Ghana, where he collaborated with staff from the Ghana Health Service, piloting the training of Guinea Worm Volunteers to identify active trachoma.

After the successful completion of this project, this led to a further three-year job with LSHTM in Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania, during which time he undertook a University of London PhD. Anthony then returned to London to become a lecturer. In 2014, he moved to the World Health Organisation in Geneva to lead the programme for the Global Elimination of Trachoma by 2020.