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Old Boys' Association


On 23 May 1917, 11 Old Boys of the Church of England Grammar School convened a meeting to form an Old Boys’ Association with the following objectives:
  • maintenance of school fellowship among old boys
  • support of the School.
While the activities of this association lapsed and there are no records of its achievements between the years 1917 and 1921, the foundations of the association as it exists today were laid.
Another meeting is recorded on 8 March 1921, when 21 Old Boys met at St John’s Day School (St John’s Cathedral) to reorganise the association and draft its first constitution, which was adopted on 29 March 1921.

Churchie FounderThe first annual meeting of the reformed association was held at the School on Tuesday 10 May 1921.
Canon Morris OBE, the School’s founder and headmaster from 1912 to 1946, was elected as the President. 
The Headmaster retained the position of President of the Old Boys’ Association until Mr Henry Roberts OBE, the Headmaster from 1947 to 1969, convinced the association that the constitution should be changed, arguing that it was inappropriate for the Headmaster to be President and that he could better serve the association as Patron.

In 1949 Andrew Rowan (1923–1929) became the first Old Boy to be elected as President. Consequently, all three major positions on the Executive were now held by Old Boys. This practice continues, as does adherence to the original objectives.

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