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Year 12 CART

Beginning with a one-day authentic experience, the Year 12s journeyed through urban and natural environments examining Brisbane’s CBD through their own knowledge of art practices, experiences, and history. They were asked to embark on a body of work that visually and intellectually engaged the audience and challenged the way visual language is read and understood. Extending on this the Year 12s then explored the concept of ‘Art as Knowledge’. This provided opportunities for each student to independently enrich their knowledge and experience of the world through critical thinking, making and responding to art in contemporary, personal, cultural and formal contexts.

As pioneers of the new syllabus artists Josh Cairns, Hamish Carmichael, Benjamin Coles, Jacob De Luca, Jordan Gibb, Alex Gray, Ethan Harris, Josh Jackson, Ethan Liew, William Liu, Riley Martin, Marc Mennes, Lachlan Neil, Joshua Place, Connor Salmon, James Skelton, Conor Steele and Hayden Wood used their practice to provoke conversations, inspire action and challenge expectations.

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