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2022 Interhouse Track and Field

Posted on 21 July 2022

Team spirit and participation won the day for Gerald House at the 2022 Interhouse Track and Field competition on Thursday 16 June. It was wonderful to see the leadership from senior students in each house and a high level of engagement from all students.

Following Gerald's win, Grenfell House finished in second place and Mansfield House in third place. Congratulations also to Gerald (95.4%), Magnus (94.53%) and Hillary (94.53%) for picking up participation points.
As part of the carnival, the following students were selected for the Churchie Gift:

  • Joshua Kwan, Year 7
  • Rocco Pini, Year 8
  • Harry Waddell, Year 9
  • Jack Love, Year 10
  • Kye Boland, Year 11
  • Rory Easton, Year 12

Congratulations to Joshua Kwan who won the Churchie Gift.