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Aspiring engineer

Posted on 14 April 2021

Advay Prabhu (2020) is a recent Old Boy pursing entry into a leading international university. At the time of publication, Advay had received an offer to study Chemical Engineering at Imperial College, London, and was awaiting the outcome of several other interviews. He also received an offer to study a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Master of Engineering at The University of Queensland.
Advay completed the IB Diploma Programme, achieving perfect 7s in Higher Level (HL) Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics—as well as Standard Level Literature—an exceptional accomplishment, particularly for the challenging HL subjects. He also studied Standard Level Philosophy and Japanese and participated in debating and cross country, as well as various service activities.
Having an interest in what he was studying was key to Advay’s success. ‘Don’t just choose subjects you think will score well,’ he said. ‘Choose the subjects you are passionate about.’
Advay believes the IB has equipped him with a great set of skills to carry him through life and found the well-rounded approach to education at Churchie something for which to be grateful.
‘Churchie revealed the importance of balance and well-roundedness, something that I will continue trying to achieve as I commence my tertiary studies,’ he said. ‘While I always prioritised my academics, I am glad I had the opportunity to engage in the co-curricular and service programmes.’
Advay hopes to eventually work at a leading engineering firm in London, designing things that probably don’t exist yet. ‘That’s the beauty of engineering,’ he said. ‘I have no idea of who I’ll be working with or what I’ll be working on, but I look forward to seeing where my career takes me.’