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Posted on 20 September 2018

Congratulations to our Premier Chess Team who secured the 2018 GPS Chess premiership in this centenary year of the GPS Association.

The team, consisting of Michael Ostapenko, Henry Slater-Jones, Alex Au and Jason Wang, was undefeated throughout the season, which is vigorously contested by many talented teams from all GPS schools. Congratulations to all of the students across the Churchie Chess programme, from Years 5 to 12, who performed very well this year. Thanks so Director of Chess Mr Max Condon for his committed leadership and his dedicated encouragement of the boys who simply love the game of chess.

Congratulations also to all students who have represented the school in basketball and rugby this term. In a highly successful term, our Firsts teams finished second and third respectively, and many other teams from Years 5 to 12, won their division premiership.Thank you to Director of Basketball Mr Trent Goodrick and Director of Rugby Mr Andrew Moloney for their leadership and commitment to their respective programmes.

To complement the success of our teams across Years 5 to 12 in this GPS centenary year, we have seen large numbers of students, families and Old Boys come along to add to the wonderful spirit on display—both at home and away matches. A special feature of this year has been the impressively large marching band that entertained spectators and inspired athletes at the basketball and rugby matches. I thank the students, staff and parents for making this special feature possible; it has been a treat to witness music and sport combined in such a potent mix.