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Ivy League scholar

Posted on 22 March 2021

Old Boy Liam Ardrey (2020) has been recruited as a student athlete to study at Cornell University, an Ivy League college in New York, United States, commencing in August this year.

While at Cornell, he will be competing as part of the Division 1 rowing team, and he is currently deciding between an econometrics or STEM-based major. Liam said studying overseas provides a breadth of opportunity to take ownership of his learning in a totally new environment.

‘I’m looking forward to learning from world-renowned professors who are leaders in their field as I embark on the next chapter of my educational pursuits,’ Liam said.

At Churchie, Liam received an Academic Excellence award and the W M Bateman Memorial Prize for rowing. He participated in a wide range of co-curricular activities, including First VIII Rowing, First V Basketball, Magnus House Vice-Captain of Service and Head Navy Cadets. He managed his time by diligently prioritising tasks and using a study plan.

‘I completed the most difficult assignments first, as that gave me the confidence to keep pushing through,’ Liam said. ‘Always do the hardest things first. Don’t shy away from challenges, but also know when to relax—that is equally important.’

Liam credits the whole Churchie community for playing a huge role in helping him to achieve his dream of studying overseas. ‘Churchie has provided me with unwavering support and a myriad of opportunities to challenge myself academically,’ he said. ‘The incredible co-curricular and service opportunities have invited new, unchartered ways to explore my interests and find my passions.

Following college, Liam plans to either attend medical school in New York or work on Wall Street.