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Year 7 Outdoor Education

Posted on 14 February 2018

Students in Year 7 have completed their Outdoor Education experience at Moogerah, which is a Ugarapul term meaning ‘place of lots of thunder’, National Park region. The programme aims to provide a positive, safe and challenging experience for the students, focusing on social and emotional intelligence. The programme emphasises student growth through active participation in healthy outdoor activities that instil an appreciation for, and understanding of the natural environment.

During the Outdoor Education programme, the students were taught elements of traditional lore in the way the local Indigenous communities have taught their young for generations. Through stories encapsulating knowledge accumulated over thousands of years of traditions and customs, the students learned about the local fauna and flora of the region. The students were able to apply this knowledge when participating in the trekking activity of their programme by developing deeper connections with the natural environment.

The boys also get to camp, hike through gorges, swim in waterholes and go kayaking. They learn many new skills, most importantly team work and encouragement. 

The Year 7 students have gained a deeper understanding of the Indigenous connection between the land and the people, including the intricacies of how some different communities and cultures explore this relationship.