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School at Home day one

Posted on 30 March 2020

School at Home commenced last week, and we received some positive feedback and photos from students and parents.

Max Pringle, Year 2: School at Home was very fun because I had different activities to do. I liked doing the activities in different places too (dining room for RE, living room for yoga in HPE and outside for the rest of HPE).

Ben Pringle, Year 7: It’s fun. I like it. It’s engaging. I feel more focused because I’m less distracted.

Will Evenden, Year 7: The online learning experience didn't present any major challenges to me. I have found it enjoyable and fun.

Fred Evenden, Year 4: I have enjoyed the online learning. It was easier than I expected it to be.

Alisha Wallace (mother of Will and Fred): I have found the process today very straightforward. Both the boys were well prepared and knew what was expected and were very focussed on each lesson/task. I was very impressed with the home-based learning platform, and all staff should be proud of what they have prepared for the boys.

Tom McCartney, Year 2: The hardest part of School at Home is avoiding all the distractions around me, but I love sleeping in a bit later and not having to sit in the car in traffic.

Anna McCartney (mother of Tom and Rohan): I’m grateful for Rohan's teacher’s efforts in engaging the whole class over Zoom in order to maintain some opportunity for peer to peer interaction. Tom’s cohort had a few technical issues this morning, but these have now been rectified. I think that even after one day of School at Home, there will be many parents who are increasingly grateful for the wonderful job that the teachers of Churchie Prep do with our boys.