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Singin' in the Rain

Posted on 4 May 2022

Churchie, in collaboration with Somerville House, made a splash with its biennial school musical production, Singin' in the Rain, presented in a 4-show season from Thursday 28 to Saturday 30 April. 

The production was simply outstanding with students acting, singing, tapping and dancing their way through this timeless music-comedy classic to emphatically resume the School’s great history of staging ambitious musicals.

This year’s production had it all: excellent acting and vocal performances from the whole cast, captivating tap dance vignettes coupled with a great sense of timing and fun, stunning props, sets and costumes, and the irresistible high point: the rain in Morris Hall featured during the iconic title song.

Such an excellent performance required many very creative and talented people to work together in preparation over several months. Congratulations to all students involved, in particular, the leads Louis Beatty, Lachlan Dunks, Joseph Oxenford, Toby Garraway, Liam Curtis and Caelan Smith. Leading Somerville House students were Sarah Patino, Hannah Mackie, Sophie Ault, Amelie Clarke and Taylor Evans. They all delivered superb performances. The leads were ably supported by many talented students in the ensemble and band.

Thank you, also, to our talented staff including Director Mr Scott Andrews, Producer Ms Sarah Washington, Assistant Producer Ms Tiarnee Kim, Orchestra Director Ms Sarah Landis and Set Design Mr Brian Bowen. 

This year’s musical production was, once again, a timely reminder of the immeasurable benefits to be gained from immersing oneself in artistic, creative and cultural pursuits. 

Churchie has a very strong tradition of educating students in artistic, musical and cultural pursuits—a tradition founded in the School’s emphasis on a broad, liberal education in which the pursuit of learning, particularly experiential, is deeply valued.