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Teaching excellence award

Posted on 18 October 2019

Congratulations to Churchie music teacher, Meagan Pearse, who has been nominated as a finalist in this year’s Queensland College of Teaching TEACHX Excellence in Teaching Awards. Her selection as a finalist in these awards recognises her exceptional leadership at Churchie and in the broader music teaching community.

Meagan was part of the team that wrote Queensland’s 2013 Music Syllabus and is now one of the lead writers of the new Music Extension Syllabus.

She is currently undertaking a PhD study into how teacher physiology and gender stereotypes may influence the pedagogy of male and female teachers differently, and how they engage boys in music-making.

Having played a musical instrument from every family except brass, having taught in all-boys schools for years and being a PhD student herself, Meagan has an in-depth knowledge of how best to teach boys, but she is always pushing to learn more. She uses a variety of strategies to engage students, including flipped learning and ‘How to’ videos, which she makes available for all of Churchie’s music teachers. She also uses ‘the reverse chronology approach’.

‘We start with the music of their generation and move backwards. The interesting thing about music is that what we may think is new, is actually an innovation from a long time ago.  Knowing about the history of music and how current music has been influenced by it challenges boys to apply a variety of techniques and devices to their own work,’ Megan said.