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Track and field triumph

Posted on 7 November 2019

Churchie's junior team took out second place at the 2019 GPS Junior Track and Field Championships on Thursday 31 October—congratulations to all boys involved.

This was followed by a competitive performance by our senior team at the 2019 GPS Track and Field Championships on Saturday 2 November. The team produced six first place finishers, four second place finishers and five third places, finishing seventh overall.

Congratulations to:
  • Ky Robinson: All age 3000 metres first place (GPS Record), Open 1500 metres first place (GPS record)
  • Cameron Philip: 13 years 100 metres first place, 13 years 200 metres first place (GPS record), 13 years long jump second place
  • Jack Love: 13 years triple jump first place, 13 years 90 m hurdles third place
  • Archie Ridgeway: 15 years 1500 metres first place
  • Blake Stieper: 15 triple jump second place
  • Connor Simpson: 14 years long jump second place
  • Henry Hardcastle: Open high jump second place
  • Mac Kelley: 13 years 800 metres third place   
  • Izi Sword: Open shot put third place
  • Caleb Barker: 16 years 100 metres third place
  • All age 4x400 metres relay (Cam Philip, Tyler Bennett, Tom Clifford, Anthony Liu) third place.
The senior team had 43 personal best performances in the 62 individual events—an outstanding effort. The team should be very proud of the way they competed on Saturday. Everyone gave 100 per cent and supported their teammates throughout the day. Special mention to Cameron Philip for his outstanding run in the 13 years 200 metres to set a new GPS record. Special mention also should be made of Captain of Track and Field Ky Robinson, who was an inspiration to the team with wins in the All Age 3000 metres and the Open 1500 metres, both in GPS record times. The 3000 metres record had stood since 1996 and the 1500 metres record since 1991—a simply outstanding performance. We are looking forward to a very positive future for Churchie Track and Field in 2020.