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Parents and Friends Association

Churchie’s Parents and Friends Association exists for the formal purposes of fostering the interest of parents in all school activities, raising funds and promoting good fellowship between parents, friends, staff and scholars for the well-being of the school.

Whilst fundraising is important, the friendships and the social network provided by the P&F are of great value in strengthening community relations.

The Parents and Friends Association, and a large number of Support Groups operating under its umbrella, conduct social and fundraising functions for the benefit of students and Churchie families. These activities encourage parental interaction, communication and liaison, and work together to build a genuine Churchie community.

Some of the major events include the P&F Welcome held at the beginning of each school year, the P&F Gala Ball, the Support Groups Thank You function and co-curricular end of season presentation evenings. In addition to this the P&F hosts a number of parent education nights throughout the year. These nights cover a wide range of topics and feature guest speakers who provide valuable insights that assist parents with understanding some of the challenges faced when raising children in the 21st century.

The association also provides a channel of communication between parents and the school management. To contact the P&F please send an email via our 'Contact Us' page.

P and F Executive 2019

President: Mrs Liz Russell
Vice-President: Mr Peter Crofts
Treasurer: Ms Susan Krimmer
Secretary: Mrs Kate Lowe
Assistant Secretary: Mrs Helen Clarke
Mothers Committee President: Mrs Tamlyn Lambert