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Churchie Research Centre

The Churchie Research Centre, which is located in The Centenary Library, seeks to enhance student learning by supporting the continual professional learning and development for our teachers. The centre will focus on the translation of current theory to evidence-based practice through sustained professional learning.

The Churchie Research Centre will pursue partnerships that enhance the knowledge, practice and capabilities of Churchie’s teachers. Its central focus will be around applied educational research by translating current and emergent theory into practice while evaluating the subsequent impact on both teachers and students. This acknowledges the fundamental role that teachers play in affecting improved educational outcomes for all our students.

The research centre will drive change through a range of support services for the Churchie and wider community through centralising, coordinating and enhancing the current research initiatives with the Swinburne University of Technology (emotional intelligence), the University of Melbourne (Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change) and The University of Queensland (Science for Learning Research Centre).

Read more about Churchie's university partnerships here


Research Newsletter Issue 3

2 May 2019

The latest issue of the Churchie Research Centre newsletter is available, outlining the projects and research areas that will be the focus of 2019.

Study and learner behaviours of high school boys

7 September 2018

A survey of Years 7 to 11 students at Churchie on how each year level perceived their study behaviours and preferences.

What matters most: teaching and learning

23 August 2018

Getting beyond the design of school learning environments to focus on what matters the most – teaching and learning

Churchie Research Centre newsletter 2

10 August 2018

There are many more questions than answers about what works and why. What we do know is that one's context heavily influences learning; but what works in one setting/subject might not work in another.

Making effective learning strategies stick

7 August 2018

What, how and when do Churchie boys study?

Digital devices and learning

13 July 2018

A three-year research project testing a hypothesis that the affordances of different digital devices affected pedagogies and student cognition and learning experiences.

Academic resilience and self-regulation

26 June 2018

Does the consistent integration of self-regulation strategies, resilience coaching and digital feedback loops measurably improve the academic results of students in mathematics? 

Inaugural Research Centre newsletter

11 June 2018

Churchie is pleased to anounce the launch of the inaugural Churchie Research Centre newsletter.

New generation learning spaces

14 May 2018

The longitudinal New Generation Learning Spaces (NGLS) project presents one of the first longitudinal empirical studies that evaluates the impact of secondary school learning spaces on teaching and learning.

The pedagogy of space

17 April 2018

Is there a ‘sweet spot’ that connects a teacher with their learning environment? 

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