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A space for discovery

Posted on 11 January 2021

With the completion of the new Prep School building imminent, Head of Preparatory School Mark Wyer discusses how an exciting new concept will ignite the creative and scientific interests of our boys.
At Churchie, boys explore their values and establish foundations for making responsible decisions. They explore their own definition of self, who they are and what they want to become. They learn to forge healthy relationships. They step out of their comfort zone to explore their full potential. This will prepare them for their roles in a globally connected world.
Churchie’s latest educational facility places these ideals and our mission, the making of men, at the centre of boys’ education. The School has invested in a purpose-built building that will accommodate one of boys’ great interests and passions—technology.
In addition to being home to our Year 3 precinct, the building will also include a creative precinct and an exciting new concept, which we have named The Hive, to allow boys to actively cultivate their creativity, learning culture and personal growth while learning transferable lifelong skills. It will teach our boys how to take risks and, in turn, become more resourceful, innovative, enterprising and capable.
The Hive will be tailored to boys’ learning. Boys need to be excited and challenged, and they need to be connected to their learning experiences to be inspired and engaged. The new space will use technologies such as Ozbots, Spheros and WeDo 2.0 to introduce boys to the worlds of coding, science, engineering and design, with 3D printers to turn ideas into reality.
They will write code for drones and discover the mechanical innards of electronics. A green-screen space will enable our boys to weave a narrative through audiovisual storytelling, catering to different learning styles through sight, sound, motion and emotional expression. Boys will discover new levels of creativity, collaboration and inspiration in this exciting new space. They will also be developing and refining skills that will prepare them for an ever-changing future.