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Statement of Commitment 

The Anglican Church Grammar School (the School) supports the rights of children and young people and is committed to ensuring the safety, welfare and wellbeing of students. The School is committed to responding to allegations of student harm resulting from the conduct or actions of any person including that of employees.

This commitment includes the provision of a safe and supportive living and learning environment for all students and requires all employees, volunteers and visitors to model and encourage behaviour that upholds the dignity and protection of students from harm.

In support of this commitment, the School is dedicated to its Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy, which includes having relevant policies, procedures and training in place to effectively address the safety and wellbeing of students in their care.

Complaints regarding child sexual abuse or sexual misconduct

Anglican Church Grammar School takes all complaints of child sexual abuse and sexual misconduct very seriously. If you are a current student, or the parent of a current student, and you wish to make a complaint or seek assistance, you can contact one of our school’s Student Protection Officers or the Headmaster, Dr Alan Campbell.

If you are a past student and wish to make a complaint, seek assistance or information, please phone the Director of Professional Standards of the Anglican Church Southern Queensland, Greg Milles on 1800 242 544. Further information for past students is also available at the Anglican Church Southern Queensland website


The Archbishop of Brisbane's National Apology Statement

National Apology Statement



Each year Churchie publishes an annual report. The latest report available is for the 2021 calendar year.


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