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Churchie’s academic culture encourages all students to take responsibility for their learning and to be aspirational in their expectations. Through positive encouragement of growth and effort, improvement is celebrated at all levels. From within this inclusive culture, we acknowledge those students who have achieved at the highest levels and share their stories so others can be inspired and learn from their example.

Academic results 2022

Churchie is delighted to present the Year 12 2022 results.

  • Four Churchie students achieved the maximum ATAR of 99.95, comprising:
    • Three students from the QCE pathway – congratulations to Chun Lee, John Lu and Dashiell Young.
    • One student from the IB pathway, translated from the highest possible ACTAC* calculation from the maximum IB score of 45 – congratulations to Matthew Bond.
  • 58% of the 2022 QCE cohort and 67% of the IB cohort achieved an ATAR over 90.00.
  • Seven QCE students received an overall result of 100 in different QCE subjects and another 16 QCE students achieved an overall result of 99.
  • Eleven IB students received a perfect score in at least one of their IB subjects.
  • The median QCE ATAR was 91.90 and the median IB ATAR equivalent score was 93.25.

* The Australasian Conference of Tertiary Admission Centres (ACTAC)

Breakdown of main ATAR benchmarks

ATAR benchmarkQCE results 2022IB results 2022
99+ ATAR (IB score of 42.5+)15%14%
98+ ATAR (IB score of 40.75+)20%19%
95+ ATAR (IB score of 37.5+)36%43%
90+ ATAR (IB score of 34.0+)58%67%
80+ ATAR (IB score of 28.75+)85%90%

We congratulate the Class of 2022 for these very impressive results and acknowledge our outstanding staff and parents for their dedication, support and encouragement.

We also acknowledge the success of students who completed our vocational pathway, many receiving Diploma of Business and Certificate IV qualifications.

Our Academic Results publication celebrates the achievements of our graduating cohort each year, including many individual stories of success. This document is always published after our Celebration Assembly which takes place in February, recognising success from both QCE and IB pathways.

Academic Results 2022

Click below to read a summary of the academic results achieved by Churchie’s 2022 Year 12 cohort.

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NAPLAN Results

Churchie’s exceptional record of academic excellence is demonstrated by students consistently outperforming the mean in the annual National Assessment Programme – Literacy and Numeracy tests (NAPLAN). Churchie’s strength in the NAPLAN tests is largely due to the effort we take in understanding the specific academic development of each boy.

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Words of wisdom

As our top scholars returned to school for the 2020 Academic Celebration Assembly, we asked them to reflect on their successes. Watch the video below to find out what helped them stay focused, which study practices were most useful and how they balanced their many commitments.

Words of wisdom

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