Alis Aquilae (On Eagle’s Wings) has been the motto of the Churchie community for over 100 years.

These simple words have underpinned our strong collaborative community spirit, enabling us to continue our vision of providing a world-class education for our young men. This same spirit has seen countless generations of Old Boys, parents, staff and sponsors of our school generously support the Churchie Foundation.

Membership of the Churchie Foundation is an opportunity to Invest in the Spirit of Churchie and leave a lasting legacy. Cumulative contributions made through donations of $5,000 or more.

Governor$300,000 or more
Senior Patron$200,000–$300,000
Patron $100,000–$200,000
Please note that all levels of membership of the Churchie Foundation are subject to approval by the Churchie Foundation Board.

Invest in the spirit of Churchie:

Your contribution ensures that our tradition of excellence continues. All gifts are fully tax deductible.