Coeducational learning

Coeducational learning
and experiences

As a boys school, Churchie values providing learning experiences and social opportunities in coeducational settings.
This occurs in numerous forms across all year levels.

Extension programmes

In the academic enrichment and extension programmes, coeducational learning is a prominent feature. Events such as the World Scholar’s Cup and the Da Vinci Decathlon bring together boys and girls from neighbouring schools to collaborate and learn from each other.

Year 9 Aspiring Leaders Summit with St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School

Year 9 Aspiring Leaders Summit

This annual conference is hosted by Churchie with Year 9 students from Churchie and girls schools exploring complex social issues young people face in their adolescent years. Expert guest presenters challenge students to aspire to be advocates and leaders in their schools and local communities.

International studies

Every year, Churchie students embark on immersive experiences as part of their international language study in coeducational settings. Also, students from sister schools visit Churchie on a regular basis.

Churchie musical in collaboration with Somerville House, Singin’ in the Rain

Cocurricular activities

Coeducational learning occurs in music, drama, chess, debating and stagecraft, where Churchie students from neighbouring schools, such as Somerville House, St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School and Brisbane State High School, work together for extended periods. In the case of musical productions, these collaborations occur over several months.

Service activities

Throughout the year, Churchie boys take part in service activities and fundraising events in diverse settings. At the annual Sony Camp, Churchie boys and St Margaret’s girls work together over a weekend to take care of students with disabilities—a highly challenging and immensely rewarding experience.

Year 6 St Margaret’s Day

Social sport

Spirited sporting competitions with girls schools occur through annual social fixtures, such as annual touch football and netball competitions. These events provide an ideal platform to bring together the student leadership teams of each school to discuss matters relating to leadership, service and charitable pursuits.

Social events

Churchie dances occur twice each year and are a vibrant, supervised activity for students to socialise in a safe and enjoyable environment. In formal settings, Churchie’s Senior Formal and the Churchie Ball provide further opportunities for Churchie boys to host partners at gala events, where they are encouraged to display the impeccable behaviour of a Churchie gentleman.

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