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Overseas study scholarships

Old Boys and Year 12 students of Anglican Church Grammar School, wishing to attend colleges or universities in the United Kingdom or United States of America, are invited to apply for an Overseas Study Scholarship. 

Overseas Study Scholarships are made available through grants from an American Charitable Trust established by an Old Boy of the School and are open to students undertaking either undergraduate or post graduate study.


The scholarships provide an average of $4,000 per annum (or pro rata for shorter courses) which may be increased up to a maximum of $10,000 per annum dependent on the circumstances. The value of the scholarship may depend on the number awarded and specific courses approved in a given year. All awards are made at the discretion of the Headmaster.

  • For courses 0 – 12 months duration, 100% of the scholarship amount awarded will be paid into your nominated bank account after receipt of documented evidence of successful completion of the course.
  • For courses 2 years or more duration, the scholarship will be paid in equal amounts each year into your nominated bank account. The first payment will be made on provision of evidence of successful completion of the first year of study. Subsequent payments will be made each year after that, upon provision of required documentation confirming successful completion of that year of the course.

How to apply

Please ensure you have the following documentation ready to upload (as attachments) prior to completing your application:

  • Academic transcripts
    • copy of undergraduate and/or post graduate academic transcripts
    • year 12 students please provide academic transcript and ATAR documentation, which can be provided once received at the end of the year 
  • References
    • year 12 students can provide a reference from their Housemaster
  • University/College
    • please include acceptance documentation from the institution you will be attending
    • course cost and accommodation cost
  • Other requirements
    • relevant work history (if applicable)
    • other financial support: (details of other scholarships or financial support for which you have applied or which you have been granted)
    • any further information you consider relevant to this application
  • Please describe, in 300 words or less, your understanding of philanthropy and how it can impact a school, organisation and/or community

Applications open 1 February 2024 and close 31 May 2024.

If you require assistance, please email the Churchie Foundation

Foundation Scholarship Fund

Churchie offers several academic and sporting scholarships (or bursaries) named to honour donors and high achievers. Scholarships are granted to talented students who need financial support to attend Churchie. Donors have established a number of scholarships and bursaries through the Churchie Foundation’s Scholarship Fund.

Make a contribution to the Churchie Foundation Scholarships Fund

Donors can contribute to the Churchie Foundation Scholarships Fund, which is has deductible gift recipient status. This allows for gifts for certain scholarships to be tax deductible. If you would like more information about the scholarships fund, or you would like to establish a new scholarship or bursary, please contact the Churchie Foundation on 07 3896 6462 or email [email protected]. Please note that new scholarships and bursaries are subject to legal requirements.

Foundation Scholarship stories

Since 1992, one hundred Churchie Old Boys have advanced their careers and gained invaluable international study experience with the support of the scholarship programme.

Below are the stories of some of Churchie’s Old Boys who received a Foundation Scholarship and pursued their studies and careers overseas. 

Will Bruhn (2020)

Undertook a university-wide exchange programme with the University of Melbourne to complete one Semester of his Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Manchester for the 2022/23 academic year.

In the second half of 2022, I had the privilege of undertaking a semester-long exchange program at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom. Since graduating Churchie in 2020, I have moved interstate to study a Bachelor of Commerce (economics and finance) at the University of Melbourne. Studying overseas has always been a major goal of mine and I have been able to make this a reality thanks to the support of the Churchie Foundation and the Old Boy’s Overseas Study Scholarship.

The University of Manchester has its roots deeply established in the UK. Considered a red brick university, its origins trace back to 1824. Its rich history is on display with its charming and impressive Gothic style buildings.

During my time in Manchester, I continued my Bachelor of Commerce, undertaking core economics subjects whilst also branching out to complete electives. One benefit of studying overseas was the diverse array of subjects that I had the opportunity to choose from. I was able to enrol in subjects of great personal interest to me that were not offered in Melbourne. The professors, particularly in the economics faculty, were of the highest quality and continually offered me support and challenged me despite knowing I was only staying for the single semester. I also joined the cross-country team and attended many international society events to immerse myself in all that the university had to offer. I made lasting friendships with people from all over the world including local and exchange students.

Whilst academics was the focus of my exchange program, I was sure to take advantage of all that England and Europe had to offer in terms of food, culture, and history. I dove straight into the English culture by attending as many topflight football games as possible. Whilst I may have been attending the University of Manchester, my heart lied in London with the Chelsea Football Club. Many of my highlights overseas include watching thrilling victories at Stamford Bridge in London. The Peak District surrounding Manchester offered spectacular hikes and views when an escape from the busy city was needed. My last stop before returning home to Melbourne was to northern Sweden where I encountered -20℃ weather and plenty of snow.

Overall, my exchange program in Manchester was an unforgettable experience. I would highly recommend the opportunity to study overseas to anyone whether it be at an exchange level, masters, or a whole undergraduate degree. I was challenged as a person and as a student and believe that I have grown in a multitude of ways. I am extremely thankful to the Churchie Foundation for supporting my academic endeavours and I am sure that I will undertake more study overseas in the coming years.

Will Bruhn (2020)

Shaun Milligan (2012)

Completed a year-long postgraduate Bachelor of Civil Law at Magdalen College, University of Oxford for the 2021/2022 academic year.

I recently had the privilege of completing a year-long postgraduate Bachelor of Civil Law at Magdalen College, University of Oxford. Pursuing this world-renowned degree would not have been possible without the help of the Churchie Foundation Overseas Study Scholarship for Old Boys, which helped provide the necessary financial support to make this dream a reality. My passion for law began in year 11 at Churchie when I first undertook legal studies. This experience set the foundation for my path to studying law at Oxford a decade later.

Magdalen College is a truly special place to study. The College boasts stunning architecture and grounds including its very own deer park. With a history dating back over 500 years, I was able to follow in the footsteps of influential figures such as Oscar Wilde, Lawrence of Arabia and C.S. Lewis. It was incredible to be a part of this rich history and to be surrounded by such beautiful and inspiring surroundings on a daily basis.

During my time at Oxford, I studied public and private international law with a particular focus on business and human rights. These subjects were taught by some of the world’s leading academics in their respective fields. I was constantly challenged and inspired by my professors and classmates, and I feel grateful to have had the chance to learn from such a talented and diverse group of individuals. I was also fortunate to participate in a public international law moot judged by Professor Harold Hongju Koh, the former Dean of Yale Law School and legal adviser of the U.S. Department of State in the Obama administration. My mooting partner and I were thrilled to come away as the winners of this competition, and it was a highlight of my time at Oxford.

In addition to my academic pursuits, I also took advantage of all that Oxford has to offer, immersing myself in the rich culture and history of the city and taking part in the many extracurricular opportunities that were available to me. I attended numerous Oxford Union debates and speaker events, including talks by notable figures such as Ban Ki-Moon, former Secretary-General of the United Nations, George Brandis KC, then High Commissioner to the United Kingdom and former Attorney-General of Australia, and Beatrice Fihn, winner of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize. I also participated in various clubs and societies, made lasting friendships with people from all over the world, and even had the chance to travel to other parts of the UK and Europe during the year.

Overall, my time at Oxford was an incredible and transformative experience. I am grateful for the support of the Churchie Old Boys’ Association and the Churchie Foundation in helping to make this experience possible, and I would not hesitate to recommend the Overseas Study Scholarship to any other Churchie Old Boy considering studying abroad. The personal and academic growth that comes with studying in a new country is truly unparalleled, and I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to take advantage of it.

Shaun Milligan (2012)

Boston Freestone (2015)

Completed a year-long Masters of Sport and Exercise Physiology in London city-based campus of the University of Roehampton for the 2020/2021 academic year.

Although the 2020 worldwide COVID-19 travel restrictions dimmed my hopes and dreams of studying a Masters of Sport and Exercise Physiology in London, it was the Churchie Foundation Overseas Study Scholarship that allowed for certainty during such times of uncertainty. Having success after the rigorous selection process I dared to set off in September 2020 to the London city-based campus of the University of Roehampton – or as I call it ‘54-acres of parkland bliss amongst the dense concrete jungle’.

The parkland campus was my playground during the 2020/21 London winter lockdowns and the University staffs’ exceptional support facilitated my academic achievements. The campus was also located only a short distance to London’s largest city park – Richmond Park – where the badgers, rabbits, red and fallow deer and red squirrels roamed free. Truthfully, it was a pleasant change to the resident bats and crows at Churchie. The diverse ethnic backgrounds of roommates in my university halls allowed me to be exposed to the many different experiences including: the Ballet at Sadler’s Wells, devouring Chinese Hot Pot in Oxford Circus, the Natural History Museum, riding the London Underground, seeing snow fall outside my window, 4th of July night with the Yanks and St. Patrick’s day with the Irish. Ironically, my experiences at Roehampton felt alike to my experiences at Churchie. It is without a doubt that the beliefs of the Churchie Old Boys’ Association and financial support through the Churchie Foundation for the Overseas Study Scholarship allowed my dream to come to true.

I would be lying to say that my adventure to the UK was easy and smooth sailing. However, to any Churchie Old Boy seeking eustress (from the Greek eu- meaning ‘good’) and eudaimonia (roughly translated as ‘fulfillment’) by studying at any UK/USA University, I greatly encourage them to apply for the Overseas Study Scholarship to assist with accomplishing their own versions of eustress and eudaimonia by studying overseas.

Boston Freestone (2015)

Henry Harland (2015)

Undertook a four-month exchange programme at the University of Wisconsin – Madison in the United States to complete one Semester of his Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree during the 2018 Fall semester.

An exchange to the US is something I’ve wanted to do for quite a while now, it even played a role in my university selection. I wanted to experience a college town, a place overrun by students where the culture and passion that existed at Churchie may live on. The University of Wisconsin – Madison did not disappoint, in a town of only 250,000 crowds at the football reached nearly 80,000. The highest paid government employee in the state is the football coach, earning twenty times more than the governor! The atmosphere at the game was electric, people in the student section did not sit down the entire game with seemingly continuous chants and games to be played.

Once the Saturday football was over it was time for Sunday football, and then Monday football, the sheer volume of sports on offer was tough to comprehend and made it even more difficult to get my studies done. However, once I pulled myself away from the sports it was time to do some study. During the semester I had to knock off four of my compulsory Civil Engineering courses so it wasn’t going to be cruisy. Thankfully the two other Australians that I was staying with (both Brisbane boys) had the same issue and we shared several classes, so we managed to get each other on track occasionally. I found university in the US a very different experience to Australia. For me it felt more like high school with homework given out and checked as well as near mandatory attendance in most classes.

During my time in the US I managed to duck away on a few quick trips to Chicago, New Orleans, Nashville and even a mate´s place in New Jersey for an authentic American Thanksgiving! Despite not making it through even half of the turkey Thanksgiving was an awesome experience and one that I thoroughly enjoyed. 

Living out of home for the first time was also a great experience and although we made it through the entire semester without a vacuum cleaner, mugs or a kettle I´d say we did pretty well for ourselves and managed to keep the place in a decent state. The only exception to this would have to be when we managed to cram nine people (mates coming up to Madison for the weekend) into our three person apartment, that was chaos.

I met so many good mates during my time in Madison, friends who hopefully I can convince to make the trek to Australia and show around here. I couldn´t recommend an exchange highly enough to anyone else considering it, it’s the trip of a lifetime and the only downside is that you have to say goodbye to all the great friends you´ve made.

Henry Harland (2015)