Learning support

Inclusive learning
and education at Churchie

Churchie recognises diverse learning needs within our student community. These often enrich our learning culture for all students. Wherever possible, it is important for students to access our educational programmes in ways that are relevant and supportive to them. Our aim is that all our students develop genuine independence wherever possible and thus tailor a range of learning support interventions for individual students accordingly.

What does learning support look like?

Learning support is contextualised within an inclusive model of learning.

The Prep School offers a mixture of in-class support and external small-group support that is developmentally appropriate. It is our intention that, as much as practicable, learning support in the Prep School is offered as an inclusive, classroom-based model.

Likewise Senior School students are not withdrawn from regular classes. Rather, students find learning support strategies or interventions within normal classes. Learning support services and a range of other academic support opportunities, such as Study Hub, are provided on a complimentary basis (no additional fees or levies).

For students who are verified through the Education Adjustment Programme (EAP), teacher aides are available for some classes. The EAP initiates an ongoing cycle of documented data collection, planning, programme development, intervention, EAP profiles, evaluation and review.

The School also participates in the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD) each year. This helps schools to offer appropriate support to students who might have physical, cognitive, sensory or social/emotional conditions.

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