Outdoor Education

Building confidence outside
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Outdoor Education forms an integral part of the Churchie curriculum, immersing students in annual expeditions and experiences in nature.The Outdoor Education philosophy at Churchie is that the transfer of learning will be more effective if what is being learned is discovered through actual experience, where the students are ‘learning by doing’.

Churchie’s Outdoor Education programmes are developed sequentially from Years 6 to 10, where students will develop effective strategies for self-resilience, interdependence and leadership as they progress through their high school education.

Programme overview

The programmes are designed to foster students’ personal growth by encouraging positive perceptions about social and emotional development, actively participating in healthy Outdoor Education activities and instilling an appreciation for, and understanding of, the Australian natural environment. Throughout all programmes, emphasis is placed upon the importance of environmental stewardship, and environmentally responsible behaviour.

Year 6

The Year 6 programme takes place on North Stradbroke Island, with the focus being on developing an understanding and appreciation of the natural environment.

This programme fosters personal growth, allowing the students to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to participate safely in various Outdoor Education activities while understanding the importance of ecological and human wellbeing, and what role they can have in the process.

Students will discover the impact of human influence on natural environments and develop strategies to minimise these impacts.

Year 7

The impressive mountainous country near the Moogerah Peaks National Park region is the setting for the Year 7 programme.

The forming of mateship and effective teamwork is the cornerstone of the programme, and these aspects are explored through collaborative teamwork and problem-solving skills with the rewards of personal enjoyment and group satisfaction, while nurturing healthy relationships and attitudes with and for the environment.

Year 8

The magnificent Girraween and Bald Rocks National Park is where the Year 8 students focus on building connections with ‘place’, through self-discovery, reflection, curiosity and exploration.

During this programme, students begin to develop deeper connections with nature and use this experience as a vehicle for engagement in their academic or sporting environments at school.

Year 9

Sunshine Coast’s Cooloola section of the Great Sandy National Park is home to the Year 9 programme, which encompasses holistic self-development, including self-awareness, self-regulation and emotional growth of students. This programme allows students to harness deep connections with the natural environment through engagement in more rigorous outdoor activities, gaining skills that can be applied in their academic and sporting endeavours through pursuing tasks that test their physical and emotional resolve.

This programme lays the foundations for leadership roles, where students are required to take on more responsibility and independence and shape positive, meaningful relationships with their peers.

Year 10

The Year 10 programme is the culmination of Churchie’s Outdoor Education programmes, where students select a programme that resonates with them. The focus across each experience is on the students’ holistic self-development and responsibility as they embark on the transition to being leaders of the Churchie community.

The students will develop a deeper connection with the environment, working towards further self-discovery and exploration to discover their future ‘self’. Students will continue to be advocates for positive and sustainable practices, and be proactive in critically appraising and addressing environmental issues with integrity.

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