Chapel services

Chapel services at Churchie

The Canon Jones Memorial Chapel stands at the heart of the school, celebrating 100 years of prayer and worship in 2024. Students, staff and parents seeking peace, contemplation and a place to ‘rest awhile’, visit the chapel during the day. Students attend services regularly in house and year groups. A weekly prayer and meditation service is held before school on a Wednesday morning during term time. All are welcome from 7:45 am.

Sacristans and house vice-captains (spiritual awareness)

Sacristans are traditionally people charged with the care of a church and its contents. House vice-captains (spiritual awareness) lead their house at chapel services, assist with celebrating significant events in the church calendar and share the Christian message with the boys in their house.

The Year 9 community service programme assists with the behind-the-scenes operations of the school chapel. A small group of Year 9 boys meet on Monday afternoons to clean and look after the chapel linen, vestments and silverware. There is also an opportunity for young men to learn about the traditions and teachings of the church through preparation for Admission to Holy Communion and Confirmation.

Pastoral services

The Canon Jones Memorial Chapel is available to members of the Churchie community including Old Boys and staff for weddings, baptisms and other pastoral services. This ministry is part of the School’s ongoing commitment to families and those who have shared in the life of Churchie.


A service of holy matrimony is a joyous occasion in the life of any relationship. Those wishing to be married in the school chapel will meet with an Anglican priest to discuss their hopes for this service of celebration.

Booking the date

Please complete the application form well in advance to reserve your preferred date. The celebrant will be in touch to discuss the date and time and confirm your booking.

It is unusual for more than one wedding to be held on the same day; that is part of our commitment to make your service special.

There are rules that govern how weddings can be conducted set by both Australian law and church canon law. You must give formal notice of your wedding at least one month and one day in advance. Your celebrant will send you the formal notice form once your application is received.

Churchie charges a wedding booking fee of $1,000. The booking fee includes the hire of the chapel, the processing of all official paperwork and documentation, and a priest who will officiate your service. If you choose a celebrant who is not a member of the Churchie chaplaincy team, they may charge an additional fee for their services. They also must be an Anglican priest in good standing in this Diocese.

A non-refundable deposit of $200 is required to secure your date. An invoice will be sent to you following confirmation of your date. The balance of the fee is due a minimum of four weeks before the date of the wedding.


Churchie can arrange an organist for an additional fee. The chapel organ is a beautiful instrument, amongst the finest in Australian schools. Please contact us if you would like to arrange an organist for the service. However, you may choose to arrange other musical options or instruments instead of the organ. Suitable recorded music may be possible. Please discuss this with your celebrant. 


Churchie can put you in touch with a florist who supplies flowers for the chapel regularly and has experience in arranging flowers in our space. Please discuss your needs with the celebrant. Please note that no confetti, rice or flower petals are to be thrown during or after the service.


It is important to retain the Christian character of the service and to honour the formal nature of the occasion. Please ensure your photographer is respectful with regard to appropriate attire and movement throughout the venue. Photographers should touch base with the celebrant before the service. It is recommended that photographers attend the rehearsal to see the light levels and layout of the chapel to plan how best to capture the ceremony for you.


Rehearsals are held one evening in the week before the service. It is possible at this time to complete the documents required by the Registrar General and to rehearse part of the service.


Children of Churchie parents, Old Boys and staff may be baptised in the Canon Jones Memorial Chapel. Baptisms are typically held on a Saturday morning.

There is no set fee for a baptism service, but families are encouraged to make a donation to the upkeep of the chapel. A cancellation fee of $50 is charged for baptisms that are cancelled within a week of the event (or rescheduled more than once) to cover the administration costs in preparing for the service.

Please complete the application form to begin the preparation for baptism.

Admission to Holy Communion

Being admitted to Holy Communion is an important step on our spiritual journey with God. Holy Communion is about participation in the life of the church by partaking fully in the celebration of the Eucharist, and we reverently and enthusiastically embrace this sacrament at Churchie.

We invite students to join the School’s Admission to Holy Communion programme. As this is a celebratory service for the entire family, siblings from other schools not already baptised or admitted to Holy Communion are welcome to participate in the programme.

Preparation will be taken by Chaplain Stephanie. Current families will receive information through the newsletter and myChurchie regarding the date for this service each year, which is usually held in Term 2.


Confirmation is also an important step on our spiritual journey. Candidates confirm their baptismal vows and receive the empowering gifts of the Holy Spirit to become active members of the body of Christ with the laying on of hands by the Bishop. As Confirmation is regarded as an adult decision, the minimum age for candidates is usually 15 years old.

We invite students in Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 to join the Senior School’s Confirmation programme. As this is a celebratory service for the whole family, siblings from other schools are welcome to be confirmed with their brother. There is usually one service of Confirmation each year, and preparation will be taken by Rev’d Sharon. Information regarding the Confirmation service will be provided in the newsletter and on myChurchie. Families are welcome to email Rev’d Sharon at any time regarding preparation for Confirmation.

Celebration at life’s end

Funerals and memorial services can be held in the school chapel for Old Boys, staff and those with a connection to Churchie. Please contact the Senior Chaplain to make arrangements to celebrate your loved one’s life. Chaplains are also available to visit those who are unwell or near the end of life. The on-call number to contact the Senior Chaplain is 0411 749 020.

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