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The Churchie Research Centre, which is located in The Centenary Library, enhances student learning by supporting the continual professional learning and development for our teachers. The centre focuses on the translation of current theory to evidence-based practice through sustained professional learning.

The Churchie Research Centre pursues partnerships that enhance the knowledge, practice and capabilities of Churchie’s teachers. Its central focus is applied educational research, through translating current and emergent theory into practice while evaluating the subsequent impact on both teachers and students. This acknowledges the fundamental role that teachers play in affecting improved educational outcomes for all our students.

This acknowledges the fundamental role that teachers play in affecting improved educational outcomes for all our students.

The Churchie Research Centre has deep connections to different areas of school life and our evolving tradition. Previous research initiatives into learning spaces continue to define our state-of-the-art facilities. A prevailing interest in emotional intelligence programmes helps to develop our students’ personal and relational experiences.

The Churchie Research Centre’s current flagship project is A Learner’s Toolkit, an Australian-first science of learning programme focused on equipping students and schools with tools and strategies to become life-long learners.

Working with three universities across Australia, the UK and the US, the Churchie Research Centre also collaborates with a range of schools from across Australia and internationally, sharing our research interests and educational experiences to support both our own staff and students as well as the broader community.

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Research articles

How A Learner’s Toolkit impacts study preferences

Research from the past few years has shown student study preferences change over time as they are exposed to more study strategies from A Learner’s Toolkit.

Impact of A Learner’s Toolkit on student study beliefs

Over the past three years, we have evaluated the impact of different exposure interventions to A Learner’s Toolkit on study behaviours.

Not all study strategies are equal

The following article assesses the utility (learning gain for invested time and effort) of common study strategies and behaviours.

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